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16 Best PHP Framework That Make Coding Easier And Fun

Programming can be a lot easier, when you use a framework that has options needed for web development. PHP is one of most popular open source programming language which is considered to be the heart of web applications. In this article, we present you sixteen of best PHP frameworks that will help you build a PHP application while you have fun.
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Top 10 iPhone App for Developers

Every iPhone owner needs to know that they possess a device that is more than a phone to call and text. You can make use of it like a second computer when you’re not at your office or home, and we think it was the intention of creating iPhone.

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26 Reasons to Use Linux

Companies, academic organizations, governmental firms and various other organizations worldwide are converting their computer working systems from Microsoft Windows to Linux at an improving speed. They are furthermore transforming their application programs from commercial software application to free of charge software (additionally referred to as open source software).

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7 Best Free Website Builder for your Business

From the first day of start, every business need online presence and want there customers to be happy. The mouth publicity is considered to be the best publicity and to get it you need to provide excellent services,  before and after sale. Making a website and running it to engage customers is one of the best things which could be done now a days.

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The Best New Design Tools

The last year has seen a wealth of new tools emerge for web designers. Here we introduce the best of the bunch..

It’s been an interesting time recently for web design, thanks to things such as the release of the Retina display the new iPad, responsive web design taking off, a renewed emphasis on mobile first design – and a lot of discussion over vendor prefixes. Hand in hand with all of this, a lot of new tools have come along. So let’s have a look at some of them and how you can incorporate them into your workflow.

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Make an HTML5 gallery for your Website

Juicebox is an easy way to make a professional- looking HTML5 gallery for your website or blog, so you don’t need an image-hosting service like Flickr or Picasa.

Juicebox automatically optimises it for all major browsers and devices. To get the most from HTML5, you need to install Adobe Air for free.

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