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20 Insanely Creative Examples of Cool Slideshow In Websites

Sliders are most commonly used by designers and developers. These are very popular these days because it loads easily then a flash. Every web designer wants to use them to notify important data.

A website contains many information and the most important information gets the perfect attention of users by using a good slideshow and creates some visual interest. These slideshows gives cool animations and effects in a compact space.

Some of the sliders are flash based and some on jQuery. But in most cases a user likes jQuery sliders because it loads faster and adds some attraction. If you are planning to design a web page then these slider helps you a lot. It gives idea about a creative slider.

Here in this post we have variety of slideshow that may help your design your own. So, have a look on these 20 creative and cool slideshow.

1. Rottefella

2. sketchdock

3. Musikkalender

4. Violet

5. Studio-xl

6. Friendedapp

7. WS Technocrats

8. Launchmind

9. Winestore

10. Jumsoft

11. Mimeo

12. Agnarson

13. Milky

14. Osdnetwork

15. Glue

16. Hwo-architects

17. Eighty8four

18. Espressoapartments

19. Viget

20. Icondesigner

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