A Research on SEO Backlink Quality

The most effective way to improve search engine rankings is to get b2b leads for sale. Backlinks are also called external links; Backlinks must get to the desired website from other sites to make it more visible.

Backlinks are must, although not all of them work and valued equally. Only a few of high-quality backlinks can prominently increase the viewership and strike rate of the website, which in turn lead to SEO progress. Then also consider the top SEO companies offering great packages as these are the guys that have lots of staff doing SEO full time so really know what they are doing, so if you want real quality results then that is the route to take.

But for an overall concept clarity, the mantra is high quality few backlinks are better than more number of low-quality links. Low-quality backlinks can have a negative effect in case there are considered spam.

Quality Levels of Backlinks

Google has its own grading level of the backlinks. According to Google, there are three levels of quality of backlinks

  • Low-quality
  • Medium-quality
  • High-quality

Although in terms of Google, low-quality backlinks strictly speaking are considered webspam. Low-quality backlinks are created in a fake way to con the system. They are against the guidelines created by Google.

Medium-quality links provide with value, but these are considered much easier to get as compared to high-quality links.

High-quality links offer the most value and are hardest to attain because of the much higher editorial standards.

Let’s under the quality of Backlinks through their element of quality.

Core Elements of High-Quality Backlinks

Quality is a very subjective topic. Therefore, the same goes with a high-quality backlink which has no exception. Nobody has the perfect idea of how search engines evaluate and measure them. But, most SEOs agree on one of the following three core elements.

  • Natural
  • Reputable
  • Relevant

Let’s try to understand each one of them.

1: Natural 

Backlinks should be as natural as possible. The website owner must keep a check on choosing the place to link them to the site and do it with utmost care. It offers value to the readers. Backlinks are paid so you must not try to manipulate in another way. The natural approach helps you ‘earn’ a backlink. 

Natural backlinks can automatically make a difference in outlook. It would help if you tried to get away from unnatural backlinks. These have an intention to fool search engines. They try to make the search engines believe of a fake better reputation than it really has.

Google take unnatural or spammy as a serious offence. At first, it may ignore the backlinks, but repeated offences are punished by demoting the site in the search engine results.

2: Reputable

The second requisite is that they should be reputable. Modern search engines require social proof for checking how credible webpages are. Google has dedicated the PageRank algorithm to measure the critical status and importance of the reputation of webpages.

Let’s first get to know Google definition of `Reputable’:

PageRank works on the principle of counting the number and quality of links to a page. The data helps in determining a rough estimate of the critical aspect of the website. More the important websites are, more the links received from other websites.

Higher the number and, the higher quality of backlinks a webpage has and the higher the chance of ranking for competitive keywords.

Google used to offer a metric for PageRank to calculate a rough estimate of the reputation of a webpage. But, it has stopped doing this because spammers started to use it as a currency and tried to buy backlinks. The whole act is considered against the guidelines of Google. Now, PageRank act as an algorithm or concept and not as a metric.

3: Relevant

The third core element of the high-quality backlink is their relevance. How a search engine pays due attention to both reputation and backlink of a domain is similar to the process of relevancy. The Search engines review both the page and domain of a backlink for the relevancy.

Let’s take an example you have a website for a fitness membership. Be it be ExcelFitness24x7. And the signature course offered by it is “90 Minutes 90 Days”.

If the content of your website gets featured as a blog post on a fitness news website and that too, for 90 days challenge training, the relevancy of the page’s backlink would definitely help your website. But, in case the website is known for handicraft business advice, it would lack domain relevancy.

In case your challenge course gets featured on another Model and Fitness Regime website, it would definitely, again, score high on page and domain relevancy.

The links to 90 Days Challenge course with the anchor text. The matter of words chosen and used as the anchor text is crucial because it tells the visitor and the reader what the page linked is all about and gives a boost to the most important need that is, SEO of the website.

Search engines take them as a relevancy signal to rank the page by considering the links they have got. Therefore, the anchor text “90 days challenge” offers a much-needed boost to the website.

Balance: Relevancy and Reputation

It would be rather unrealistic to expect all the backlinks to be of high-quality. A natural backlink which will not cause any ill effect to the search engine reputation 

Not every visitor needs to tick all the boxes. It does not make it an imperfect backlink, and certainly, it is not a bad backlink. Even though the backlink may be relevant to the website, it may not get relevant viewers. At times, the page and domain reputation of the backlink can be comparatively high, it will add to the backlink profile.

So, how to understand the difference between the backlink to be, low, medium or high quality?

A medium-quality backlink but can be on the lower end of medium. The domain may not be super relevant or authoritative. It could not be even low-quality as well because it might not be breaking any of the guidelines of the Google’s webmaster.


Let’s summarize it by saying that a high-quality backlink is natural, highly reputable and highly relevant. The high-quality backlinks have the most value at times. The websites can achieve good momentum through the medium-quality link. But, at all costs, you must try to avoid low-quality/spammy links.

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