Inspire Yourself with Best Content Marketing Examples

Content marketing has drastically altered in the wake of COVID-19. Using consumer manners and human psychology to shape your content marketing can impact how clients and competitors view your brand.

Content marketing at scale can handle an exhausting, uphill struggle that never ends. The pressure to accomplish coupled with volume expectations quickly saps creative juices. Fortunately, many creative content marketing examples provide you with a burst of much-needed inspiration.

Crafty marketers have leveraged digital drives to generate brand awareness for years. The best content marketing illustrations do more than entertain; they drive measurable outcomes. Successful content marketers deliver valuable information in formats that resound with their whole audience.

It’s a daunting challenge to evaluate the post-pandemic marketing topography, even for seasoned CMOs. Many administrators still hope customers will yield to brick-and-mortar stores. But, others, including Gartner, desire consumers to embrace new digital shopping experiences. Look at victorious content marketing examples from other brands to create better inbound marketing drives.

Amazon’s Garage Delivery Service

Amazon is the e-commerce Goliath and ever-evolving technology recently added a service. Now, you can furnish your local Amazon driver with a digital key to your garage doorway so that your parcels can be tucked away safely. This solution is ideal for clients who aren’t home during standard delivery hours and are concerned about possible theft. Human beings discover things with big eyes cute. It’s also strategically competent because it humanizes customers’ residences. The campaign provides the impression that Amazon tends to the safety of your domicile. In other words, it skims the narrative that it’s dangerous to grant delivery drivers a key to your home.

Jake From State Farm

Jake From State Farm has a State Farm Insurance Company viral video marketing drive that has been everywhere for years. However, Jake From State Farm went through a modification. State Farm offers good deals to everyone. The narrative is gratifying, and when Jake seems on clients’ TV or computer screens, he can be a welcome, funny, and familiar existence. People have desired this type of familiarity since the start of COVID. In psychology, this idea is known as mental fluency/flexibility. The agreement with Jake permits us to relax and feel comfortable. We don’t have to build any new assumptions or assessments about Jake — he’s just the friendly guy that sometimes emerges in the commercials.

The General

It is a perfect example of a company rebranding, then joining consumers in poking fun at their old marketing. The General drenched cable television with commercials featuring a crudely generated CGI man in a military uniform and an irritating jingle. These commercials often moved viral, but not for the right causes. Instead, the brand was glimpsed as hoaky, and it didn’t pretty much trust by prospective customers. Craig reveals that they thought Shaq was “Losing it” for delivering The General. But then they discovered it was just the cheesy commercials that created The General seem untrustworthy. Craig reveals The General has been a “Quality insurance provider for nearly 60 years.”

Indeed’s “New Beginning” commercial

Creative content marketing drives can have genuine hearts and dive into serious issues consumers and businesses encounter. Indeed’s “New Beginning” advertisement does all of this. The feature is a B2B commercial at its core. But, it also lets customers understand that Indeed is a platform they can trust during their hiring strategy. The commercial doesn’t feature many conversations until the end when the interviewer furnishes his pronouns and asks Taylor if they would be comfortable concerning their pronouns. Taylor says they employ “They/them pronouns” and thanks to the interviewer with a big smile. Indeed, it is emotional and compassionate content and closes the subject matter with sensitivity and forethought. Indeed’s video is an exceptional example of content marketing that sets its brand as a thought leader and an inclusive business.

Slack’s Frontiers Conference

Slack hosted an annual meeting to meet and educate its 630,000 global customers. The Slack Frontiers conference is an ideal opportunity for businesses to learn more about the brand’s expanding service offering. Slack doubles down on powerful growth trade hacks. The brand broadcasts videos on its YouTube channel geared towards decision-makers at brands who require a solution to remote communication interoffice. The videos are dazzlingly targeted and address current concerns labels and executives hold. These tutorials, demos, and other video marketing materials also induce demand for the conference.

Spotify’s Wrapped

Spotify pitched a data-driven social media campaign called “Wrapped.” The drive took listeners’ data and produced a series of eye-catching, fun stats on listening behavior. It worked so well because they paid close attention to user experience and made these slides highly shareable and aesthetically pleasing. Wrapped is an outstanding example of influencer-driven social media content marketing. It demonstrates that creating a campaign with user-specific data and visually attractive elements positively shareable across social media platforms is a formula for big triumph.

Apple’s “Shot On an iPhone”

It’s cost-effective, and brand loyalists accomplish the footwork. Apple is a label that has a long chronology of capitalizing on user-generated content marketing. In 2015, they launched a “Shot on an iPhone” campaign that featured photos of users drilled on their iPhones. “Shot on an iPhone” recreates consumers’ interests and talents. It states that they can make art like the professionals do, using an Apple product. The stunning photos are more than a testament to Apple’s tech. They’re also an instance of enduring content marketing drives.

Neutrogena’s Creator Studio

Neutrogena, a Johnson & Johnson company, reported that they had completed a user-generated video content studio that concentrates on skin health. Filmmakers can offer educational, informative content that focuses on the health and wellness of the skin. The campaign places the client in the driver’s seat. Further, a board of advisors managing that videos get transferred to the studio, Neutrogena can pose back and allow the brand awareness and content creation to come via the customer creators.

Byrdie’s Educational

Byrdie is a beauty industry publisher that produces excellent content marketing. The brand performs so agreeably in organic search that it frames out significant retailers for Google’s market share. Byrdie offers many “Top X” content drills to a niche product or unique audience. These posts don’t have to be edited by an editor because they are created to be educational and are often brand-agnostic. It’s a fantastic way for customers at the top of the purchasing funnel to understand their problem better and how to solve it. Byrdie beats out in organic search because its content marketing strategy is positively focused and contains a ton of evergreen, educational content.

MINDBODY Education

Mindbody is a top-rated SaaS company that delivers business management services to labels of every dimension. In addition, they completed an educational content hub that is full of valuable webinars, blogs, and events that enable businesses to achieve their retention and revenue goals. Content hubs are guaranteed to live in perpetuity, and completing one for brand decision-makers is exceptionally forward-thinking. Proper content marketing doesn’t concentrate on the brand itself but on the B2B or B2C user. Brand loyalty is achieved by helping customers attain their own goals. It is an incredible example of utilizing content marketing to be a natural partner to your customer.

MOS Student Finance

MOS is a financial technology company for students. So they assembled an evergreen content hub to educate students on the topics they care most about.


The classifications of content marketing available to brands are nearly limitless. The real challenge is choosing the proper content marketing to align with your customers’ requirements and concerns. There is a wide variety of themes, brands, and formats. However, there was one common thread that made them all noteworthy. They all associated with the end-user at their level and managed their needs. If you want the content to be successful, you must know your customers better than they know themselves.

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