10 Best Static Website Generator

Static website generator that are common in web development upholds websites amazingly, as there is no database to slow down the request.

As we know, Websites are becoming sparser, quicker and swifter so, the operatives request rapid, unified experiences and for that a suitable key is required. Web servers can robotically cache headers and decrease the bandwidth usage. Static generator websites also offer greater safety, as they do not contain vigorous content and are resistant to the most common attacks.

So, here are 10 of the best static website generator, which are very easy for gauge, offer safe file systems, improved performance and are fast to set up.

Best Static Website Generator – General


It is a meek, user responsive static site generator. It’s very easy to ingress content from other blogs, with WordPress, Tumblr and even RSS and CSV formats reinforced. It’s extremely simple to set up and to jolt.


It empowers your website with designs, pre-processors, quizzing and a strong plugin system. It comes unified with an administrator control panel to make the publication easier for you. It is modular-based it’s very easy to extend, and it create documents animate at runtime.


It is a framework designed for Jekyll. It also contains a trailer server for native staging, which will renew your site on-the-fly as you make alterations. The pool of rake tasks shortens development and makes placement simple. Using this static generator rakefile lets you detach a single post so that only that post will be created locally, for a swift analysis cycle.


It is a supple, minimalistic, multifunctional static site generator. It puts undeniably no limits on how you toil with your content, and you can alter it with plugins and edifice it as you please. Once set up, it will make a basic structure for your site, as well as a content folder that holds all of your chattels and your content engraved in Markdown of JSON files.


It is quick, up-to-date static website engine with a great degree of litheness. It doesn’t depend on databases, runtimes, translators and can be set up and run however you wish it to be. It was transcribed for quickness and performance, and allows you to unify your content however you want with any URL structure.


It is a command-line tool for generating static websites. It supports plentiful dialects to make simple your HTML growth, which will let you to add variables, call systems and use loops and ‘if’ statements.


It is a command line application; you can make sites locally, with the produced site installed when completed. It is extremely flexible, letting you select your favorite templating languages, additions and Ruby gems.


It is a meek, dominant blog context, which analyzes your posts with Markdown and makes static files. It features multithreaded creating, so hundreds of files take just jiffies to spawn. It’s very simple to get ongoing, just make certain you have both Git and Node.js installed.


It is an exceptionally simple static site generator, with all the lucidity controlled by plugins, so you can basically cable them together. It works by construing all the files in your source, index with the plugins then handling the files.


It is a static site generator that needs no database or server-side logic. It also ropes outward commenting tools such as Disqus, and permits you to import from WordPress and RSS feeds.

Best Static Website Generator in PHP

Sculpin Sculpin is a static site generator written in PHP. It converts Markdown files, Twig templates or standard HTML into a static HTML site that can be easily deployed.

Couscous – Couscous turn Markdown documentation into beautiful websites. It’s GitHub Pages on steroids.

Spress – Spress is a static site generator which allows you to write and publish your web sites Spress allows you to create and deploy blogs, personal websites, simple corporate websites with information about your products and even landing pages for your services.

Carew – Carew is another static site / blog generator. Write some blog posts or pages in markdown, Carew will render them in html.


  • Simple but extensible
  • Auto syntax highlighting
  • Auto generated navigation
  • Auto generated pagination
  • One theme base on Bootstrap
  • Shareable/Linkable SEO Friendly URLs
  • No need for php, ruby, python on the production server.
  • Git friendly

PHPoole – PHPoole is a light and easy static website generator written in PHP. It takes your content (written in Markdown plain text format), merges it with layouts (Twig templates) and generates static HTML files.

Gustav – Gustav is a powerful static-site generator written in PHP. It provides everything you need to run a blog or any other website – From a static-site generator offering a robust templating system and a great customizability to a massive PHP API providing functions for searching the published articles and pages, getting available tags and categories, and more, as well as hooks that can be used to extend Gustav’s functionality.

Have you used any of these best static website generator in past? do tell us know your experience.

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