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Business Startup Dos and Don’ts

In this technological era, many entrepreneurs are willing to start their own business, but owning a business is quite a challenge. A vast number of startups emerge every year with most of them failing due to various reasons, and some of them attain only a mediocre amount of success and a select few are hitting it big.

The million-dollar question is what makes these businesses hit it big? Is it the planning or strategy, or is a matter of funding? Being a budding business owner, what you need to think about is the dos and don’ts that aid startups to become successful.

Here, we have gathered together a list of Dos and Don’ts that is imperative for the success of your business. Take a look at the list.


  • Do take the time to formulate a good business model. Don’t rush through the process and definitely do not skip the process altogether. A successful business doesn’t happen spontaneously without a proper business plan.
  • Do remember that a new business can be demanding especially in the financial resources. There are many ways to gather the financial aid that your business needs, loans being the most predominant. (Source:
  • Do define your target market beforehand. It is imperative that you select a target consumer range to market your products and services. Knowing your potential customers will help you determine the demand that your product holds in the market and accordingly develop a fruitful marketing strategy.
  • Do consider working with experts and professionals like bookkeepers, attorneys etc and include their costs in your budget planning. Avoiding the cost of dealing with professionals will only make you prone to making more mistakes and you’ll end up spending a lot of your time and money.
  • Do consider the government regulations that might affect your business industry along with the costs involved in complying with these regulations.
  • Do determine the strategy that works for you regarding keeping tax payment records and management controls before you actually start the business.


  • Don’t underestimate the financial expense that starting a business can incur. Obtain price quotes relating to the operation of a business. Simply don’t estimate by yourself.
  • Don’t forget to keep in mind that your sales won’t automatically skyrocket in the first year of your business. It is a gradual process, and constant work is mandatory.
  • Don’t forget to prepare an adequate budget to assist you with your business planning and generating resources. The amount of starting capital required, costs of equipment and professionals as well as fixtures and inventory should be included in the budget so that you don’t fall short on anything that will boost your business.
  • Don’t underestimate the need for proper marketing. The competition among startups is huge, and it requires a great deal of effort to build a steady customer base. A lot of new businesses out there are fighting for potential customers, so it is essential that you generate a convincing marketing strategy to gain customers.
  • Don’t assume that you will readily receive a business loan. Obtaining a loan is pretty challenging especially for small businesses. Business loans take a great deal of time to be obtained as compared to personal loans.
  • Don’t sign any kind of contract or lease before your financing is in order. Get your capital ready and only then sign any kind of leases.


Starting a business venture is an exciting endeavor for entrepreneurs, but it is necessary to start on the right track.  There is no shortcut to a successful business, but the dos and don’ts mentioned in this article can help you provide some useful insights when it comes to achieving an upscale business result.

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