Digital Marketing Career – Jobs Junctures in India

Digital marketing career is growing mainstream in India. Until 2010, several businesses did not understand digital marketing seriously. They were not equipped to change and were adhered to traditional marketing practices. However, business forces have created a sure environment that you either begin doing digital marketing or sink.

Because correlated to digital marketing, conventional marketing is highly inefficient. If you do not hold a digital marketing approach and an online appearance, consumers are obliged to shy away from you and buy from competitors.

Before digital marketing matured mainstream, the freelancers and administrators were equipped to get the first-mover status. People who prepared good content marketing and search engine marketing could climb up the business very fast. Established companies did not even comprehend what digital marketing was. Each day more firms are waking up to the truth that digital marketing is quintessential and is not an arbitrary strategy in marketing anymore. They are overtaking up late, but they ought to catch up. There is no other alternative. This alteration in marketing practice is giving a lift to a massive opportunity in digital marketing jobs.

  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Inbound Marketing Manager
  • Social Media Marketing Experts/Specialists
  • Search Engine Marketers
  • SEO Executives
  • Conversion Rate Optimizer
  • Copy Writers

Let’s look at each of the digital marketing job positions more keenly.

Digital Marketing Manager
If you have 5+ years of expertise in digital marketing and if you have plans that demonstrate you are a digital marketing specialist, you will be hired quickly. Such digital marketing experts are in the vast market, and businesses hunt for certain kinds of people. You don’t need to carry an MBA or have certifications in digital marketing because your plans will be proof that you understand digital marketing. The salary scale of digital marketing experts is from 15 to 20 Lakhs INR per annum. But it can go as big as 40 Lakhs plus equity in some companies and as low as eight lakhs per annum in small startups. Digital Marketing Managers have to command the digital marketing team, and they will communicate to the V.P. of Marketing in the business they work for. DMM is a mid-senior level manager position. Digital marketing managers are accountable for bringing together the various digital marketing elements collectively and making them efficient. They are the only souls who can create and accomplish an integrated digital marketing drive.

Content Marketing Manager
Content marketing managers are accountable for content marketing. Content marketing involves handling the blog, sales page copywriting, email communications, drip marketing campaigns, a little bit of P.R., video marketing, ebook publications, and guest blogging. Content marketing managers communicate to digital marketing managers or the head/V.P. of marketing. Content marketing administrators can be solo subscribers, or they can manage a team of content writers. More often than not, content writers who reach content marketing managers are freelancers who write content by operating from home or part-time. Content marketing managers will earn anywhere within 10-15 lakhs annually on average. The experience needed for such a job is 3-5 years. There is no specific condition for qualification. Owning digital marketing certifications and an MBA can serve if your projects do not showcase the content marketing expertise. Nevertheless, if you have a project that articulates for itself, certificates and degrees are not required.

Inbound Marketing Supervisor
Few organizations want inbound marketing managers, but some do not. The duties of an Inbound Marketer and Content marketer overlap a lot. If you have to define a separate role for an Inbound Marketer, his commitment will be to manage the funnel and transformation at each stage. Drip marketing, conversion rate optimization, lead nurturing are important segments in Inbound Marketing. An Inbound marketer can build a strategy for attracting clients. One of the inbound marketing approaches is content marketing. While the inbound marketing manager creates a system for bringing customers using content marketing, the content marketing manager can achieve that approach.

Social Media Marketing Expert
Social media marketing holds two sections. One of the domains is expanding the owned content via social media carriers. It can also be created by the content marketing manager or a person in the content marketing team. Nevertheless, running paid advertising in Social media needs some expertise. Advertising on Facebook has grown to be a complicated task. New specialities and targeting options are added every day, and a content marketing manager or digital marketing manager cannot control it individually.

Search Engine Marketer / Specialist
Search engine marketing is the most significant features of digital marketing. Search engine marketing is an all-inclusive term to determine marketing via search engines. Still, because Google is the biggest search engine – search engine marketing almost always refers to marketing via Google AdWords. If it is a small company, search engine marketing is taken care of by the digital marketing manager. Seldom is outsourced to take care of the search engine marketing campaigns to a digital marketing agency for a fee. More prominent companies need a dedicated SEM (search engine marketing) specialist, and sometimes there is a necessity for a team for search engine marketers. Search engine marketers will communicate to digital marketing managers. A search engine marketer aims to make the target amount of leads and clicks from the provided marketing budget. Most of the work is included in the analysis, keyword research, bid management, ad copywriting and split testing of the ad campaigns. There is no particular area for the years of expertise required for a search marketing expert. Modest companies hire freshers, but some well-established companies want people with many years of knowledge.

Search Engine Optimizer (SEO Executive)
With good search engine optimization, one can generate free traffic from Google instead of paying money on Google AdWords campaigns. The role of an SEO expert or SEO executive involves keyword research, using Google webmaster tools, user experience optimization, landing pages indexed, handle duplicate content and so on. An SEO specialist should have proficiency in using the different kinds of SEO tools in the market. There are lots of other tools which will assist you in improving your performance in search engines. SEO experts will arrive at the digital marketing managers and fundamentally do not run a team. Most of the SEO specialists are individual contributors. There will be two SEO experts serving on the team, and they will give constant feedback to the merchandise and web development company. When searching for an SEO company, ensure you always look at reviews from previous clients as well as the agency’s portfolio. BetterSEO is a leading Cape Town SEO agency that has successfully ranked South African businesses on page 1 of Google.

Conversion Rate Optimizer
Conversion rate optimization is the technique of improving the conversion ratio in each step of the marketing conduit. The CRO expert can be just any person in the digital marketing company, but he/she will work with multiple people. It can help the inbound marketing manager in creating landing pages that convert well. There are numerous tools to achieve higher conversions. Heat map tools give insights into how people interact with landing pages. Some tools help split test various elements on the web pages to find out which colours and text provide better conversions. Increasing the conversion rate is essential at each step of the funnel. The ad copy or the site name should bring higher clicks, the visitors should transform into leads, and the leaders should change into paying customers.

Related to a CRO expert, a copywriter will operate with several people in the digital marketing team. The copywriter can assist the search engine marketer write better ad copy, support the social media manager post more useful words on social media channels, serve the content team to refine their content for more reliable reception. Many organizations do not own a dedicated copywriter in the system. Sometimes the CRO specialist who has copywriting abilities can do the task of a copywriter.

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