Best Digital Marketing Jobs: Junior-Level Marketers

Steering digital marketing jobs is one of the most straightforward ways for tech newcomers to spring working in the industry. That’s partly because you can discover many skills you require for entry-level marketing jobs once you’re truly on the job. These are some job interview common questions.

Marketing involves selling or promoting merchandise or service. Digital marketing is simply that, but on a digital medium, like a workstation or smartphone, when you work in digital marketing, rather than relying on subway ads or billboards, you draw and engage customers using emails, Internet ads, blog posts, text messages, and more. Digital marketing isn’t fundamentally online since television, radio, and phone marketing technically include a digital device. Let’s concentrate on digital marketing jobs that occurs using the Internet & for what tech companies are expected to hire you.

Skills Needed for Junior-Level Digital Marketer: Digital Marketing Jobs

There are several marketing jobs, and your day-to-day increase can look radically distinctive depending on which niche you settle in. That said, there are a few fundamental marketing ideas that you’ll require no matter where you finish up:

The Customer Journey: To be a thriving digital marketer, you must follow your journey to become customers. How do they initially hear about the product? What circumstances lead them to believe the company? At what spot (and why) do they execute a purchase? And, what follows after someone fits a paying customer—how do you retain them? Most importantly, which bit of that course will you influence? In the business, this journey is called the marketing funnel.

Analyzing And Optimizing: When you operate in marketing, there is an infinite list of ways to attract customers: Facebook ads, YouTube videos, Twitter chats, webinars, display ads, blog posts, giveaways, emails, Instagram stories, Instagram ads, Facebook Live videos, and more. As a digital marketer, you must know how to pursue the success of your projects. Employers need to know you’ll use their marketing dollars intelligently, and that implies spending time on channels you know are operating and improving or discarding the underperforming ones.

Junior-Level Digital Marketing Jobs

Digital Marketer
A person with the job title “Digital Marketer” is typically a digital marketing generalist. You’ll get this role at a more modest startup, or at least at a company that’s just starting to develop a marketing team. You’ll need to be ready to switch gears fast and make daily judgments about the best way to use your time. “Growth Marketer” is a similar job title, though growth marketing tasks are typically heavier on optimization and technical “hacks” that assist companies in increasing without arranging more.
Average Digital Marketer Salary: $71,127

Content Strategist or Content Marketer
Content marketing jobs manage to draw writers and editors. Content marketers, also recognized as content strategists, typically concentrate on the top of the funnel (TOFU), or “inbound marketing.” A content strategist aims to bring new inbound users and draw in new leads—or, in other terms, get their email addresses. Content marketers do this with content like downloadable whitepapers, blog posts, ebooks, and multimedia content such as videos and infographics.
Content strategists are proficient at writing and editing and may also require being well-versed in SEO. At smaller companies, content strategists may in charge of social media, also.
Average Content Strategist Salary: $89,698

SEO Specialist
SEO specialists must know how to handle keyword research and turn what they determine into an SEO approach. They typically require comfortable using tracking tools like Google Search Console and Google Analytics, which they’ll work with daily. “SEO Writer” is a similar job title. Still, it customarily intimates that you’ll communicate to a content manager or SEO specialist and concentrate on actually creating content that supports SEO guidelines.
Average SEO Specialist Salary: $66,848

Social Media Manager
Social media managers, seldom also described as social media coordinators, do a lot deeper than check Facebook. In this position, you’ll incubate a strategy for building and engaging a social media following, typically across multiple platforms. You’ll work intimately with content creators, designers, and ad managers to administer and promote content that attracts new users and helps customers trust a brand. The job title “Community Manager” moderates a community, like a company Facebook group or a user forum.
Average Social Media Manager Salary: $59,965

Marketing Manager
Marketing managers are more limited in content and social media and more inclined to work on marketing drives farther down the funnel. Instead of publishing blog posts and running on SEO tactics, they’ll send sales emails, lead ad campaigns, or serve with partners on marketing projects. A few more unique types of marketing managers are:
Email Marketers, who handle email campaigns and other conversations with customers
Campaign Managers, who work primarily on campaigns and usually sales campaigns
Average Marketing Manager Salary: $93,125

Paid Ads Manager or Paid Marketing Manager
Paid marketing managers are specialists in search engine marketing (SEM) and typically manage ad campaigns in three divisions:
Search: These are ads that look in search engines, like Google, after you typewrite in a search term.
Social: These are ads that surface on social platforms, like Facebook and Instagram.
Display: These are the banner ads that perform on websites and are often linked to your search history called retargeting.

Paid marketing managers regularly work with big budgets, depending on the company’s “ad spend.” Their day-to-day includes:
• Running with designers and content teams
• Make the images and copy used in ads.
• Investigating ad performance.
• Executing tweaks to update them.
Average Paid Ads Manager Salary: $83,137

Partnership Marketer
Partnership marketers make and manage strategic partnerships. They might spend their day conference with big names in the industry, communicating about the company’s product at a forum, or even talking with podcasters about ad slots. A few distinct types of partnership marketers are:
• Affiliate Managers, who work with people who earn a commission on a company’s products
• Influencer Marketers, who partner with social media influencers to highlight a company’s product in their content
Average Partnership Marketing Manager Salary: $93,125

Digital Marketing Jobs: Final Thought

Just like with more specialized roles, there are lots of small remote or work-from-home digital marketing tasks. And, since you can learn many essential marketing skills on the job, digital marketing can be an excellent option for anyone looking to change careers without going back to school or moving to a big city.

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