Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing: Which is Better?

The dispute between digital marketing vs traditional marketing is long-drawn and perpetual. It conclusively reaches down to which one suits the requirements of the organisation.

While attempting to pick between digital marketing and traditional marketing, why not study both?

Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing associates with any marketing strategy that isn’t online means print, phone, broadcast, direct mail, and outdoor advertising such as billboards. This method of marketing supports and reaches targeted audiences with the help of the newspapers or the radio. Working with a marketing agency can bring many benefits to your company.

Traditional marketing is one of those most classical forms of marketing and the most researched one, too. Marketers tend towards the method as it has been examined earlier and found true. Everyone confronts some traditional marketing in their daily lives, whether getting the correspondence or your regular newspaper.

Traditional marketing performs an essential task in approaching local audiences. Advertisements can be stored for an extended period, as they’re visible. There’s an attendance who’s more comfortable to reach by traditional marketing than online marketing.

Traditional marketing embraces the marketing approaches that can be used without the internet. Those are the techniques that have been throughout for decades and are typically often limited momentarily. Nevertheless, they’re not without their powers. Standard traditional market approaches include:

Directly mailed postcards, coupons, and informational packets
• Newspaper or magazine ads
• Telephone calls and text notifications
• Billboards and fliers
• Television or radio commercials

digital marketing vs traditional marketing


1. In case you desire to relinquish a more traditional demographic, using print shop services can be highly efficient. Audience generations over 50+ consume approximately twice as much time studying the newspaper and viewing TV than those aged between 21-34.
2. This kind of marketing approach customarily works most appropriate for enterprises contemplating building a more substantial local audience. A minute business would be more immeasurable, striving for attention through flyers, billboards, and events sooner than competing for digital scope against more extensive enterprises.
3. TV or broadcasting commercials will strike multiple times and emphasise the business public. In the variation, digital marketing articles may be hopped through or blocked (e.g., clicking “I don’t want to see this” on social media ads or skipping through ads before YouTube videos). Mike Morse have received their third Golden Gavel Award for a TV commercial≥


1. Printing postcards to communicate out indeed to merely a limited audience can be costly. There is no assurance that the beneficiary is involved in the market or the product/service you grant.
2. Traditional marketing practices can take weeks or months to generate results and data. You can’t recognise when someone has scanned your newspaper ad except they choose to follow up. Even later, you won’t identify if the ad was the basis for the follow-up without a review.

Digital Marketing

Inversely, digital marketing is … well … digital. Digital marketing is any marketing a business conducts online, like email marketing, paid social media ads and PPC advertising. Digital marketing has grown uncontrollably prevalent due to the technological, cultural, and societal transformations around us.

Digital marketing approaches emerge promptly because of drifts and modern technology. These tactics include those that challenge the effectiveness of the internet or smartphones. They haven’t been throughout as longspun as traditional means, but they unquestionably carry a thrust. Standard digital marketing techniques include:

Email campaigns
• Content marketing
• Website content
Social media posts
• Affiliate marketing
• Search engine optimization (SEO)
• Clickable ads


1. Data and public engagement can be tracked spontaneously. When anybody agrees on a link to the site, examines an email, or supports you on social media, you possess that information promptly. You can induce diverse insight from this information, including which sort of content manages to be the most suitable for a definite audience, which tools are the most productive, and what time of day holds the most significant engagement.
2. Digital marketing approaches acquire a much more economical cost. Announcing an email drive can save more funds than issuing individual postcards and financing for postage on all.
3. It operates well for significant global or widespread audiences because of the extensive expanse of digital marketing.


1. Many internet users own ad blockers so that they will never be more view pop-ups or banner ads. Additional times, ads can be bounded or removed if a user spends on premium services (like; Hulu, Spotify, Twitch).
2. As modern technology and inclinations arise so often, digital marketing tactics necessitate to be assessed and reevaluated for effectiveness constantly; what serves well one day maybe inappropriate the next. Nevertheless, this can be battled with a robust foundation in digital marketing basics.

Can They Work Together?

The short answer: It depends. The legend will be continued… will be debated… for many ages to come. But there’s a moment and a spot for both marketing strategies.

The long answer: Digital marketing is the best alternative for most. If you expect to influence a selective group of people, anywhere they may be, while maintaining costs moderate, work with a digital marketing agency like Local Brand Advisor, view at their website the list of their services. Doing so will further empower you to immediately assemble valuable information on your audience to formulate even more efficient marketing drives.

However, there is nevertheless a place for traditional marketing. If you desire to attain an older audience or a restricted audience, traditional marketing methods may be higher in productivity and reach out adequately than digital marketing schemes. Though these techniques may appear “old,” the truth is that they’ve adhered around for a purpose. They serve!

When contemplating which marketing strategy is best for your business, consider the viewers, get their data, and relate it to decide. When judging digital marketing vs traditional marketing, it’s not fundamentally reliable that one is more reliable than the other as they toil diverse purposes. The bottom line is that you must thoroughly concede your market and your viewers to select the business’s better approach.

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