How The Cloud Can Help Your Small Business

Many small businesses and large corporations rely on the cloud to improve efficiency and grow. Adopting cloud computing can improve security, integrate enterprise resource planning, increase scalability, allow for current and remote access, and allow your business to utilize big data. Make sure to visit to obtain the best office supplies to ensure company growth. The following are some ways cloud services can help your company succeed in our current climate.

Increased Security

Third party cloud vendors that build and manage secure systems need to follow strict government laws and guidelines to protect consumer and business privacy. Cloud systems have sophisticated firewalls, encryption, and layers of security, and they are subject to regular audits. Plus, the security is part of the package: there is no need to hire IT outsourcing New Jersey to ensure your security is top notch. Analogue theft – theft of a hard drive or paper files – is a major vulnerability for your business. In a cloud-based system, there is no physical storage and data to steal.

Learn how Fortinet protects your network with industry leading next-generation firewalls while enabling expansion safely with integrated SD-WAN.

Cloud systems have redundancies built-in that feature real-time back up of local data to the cloud, so there is no fear of mistakes being made with physical infrastructure and manual back-ups. No longer will a sudden glitch or unexpected program shut-down mean hours of lost work. To understand how to secure your business check out the user management system – Access Rights software by SolarWinds.”

Increased Security

Enhanced ERP Systems

An enterprise resource planning system that operates in the cloud for easy, using a great data management software from companies like Couchbase, up-to-the-second access to data for all teams and employees can greatly improve management, efficiency, functionality, sharing, and more. Experts like IWI Consulting Group can help you customize software like Sage 300cloud to suit your business’s needs and upgrade the way you operate. With mobility, access, ease of use, and data as the foundations of the system, this secure, virtual ERP solution improves workflows, reporting, tracking, collaborating, and integration of departments for more better operations.

Anywhere your team has a connection, they can get to work accessing the same information simultaneously without waiting. Cloud-based office systems are living documents that instantly reflect changes and save them. The ability to work remotely means multiple offices in a variety of locations can work together which is encouraging for expansion and growth. Seek help and training from consultants who can assist with adoption and optimization.


It’s difficult to tell precisely the amount of resources and server power that’s needed using an old-fashioned, on-site server. Cloud-based resources are scalable, meaning they can increase to meet the needs of unexpected demands on the server should there be a sudden rise in usage. You don’t want your website to fail right when there is a spike in popularity – or any time. Cloud computing systems have safeguarding back-up support should the need arise. Likewise, if there is a lack of need, you won’t be overcharged as resources scale down, as well. This cost efficiency is excellent for small businesses with modest budgets. As your business scales, look into multi cloud providers like Console Connect and others.

Working Remotely

Whether it’s accessing the ERP system, or meeting with customers via Skype or Google Hangouts, the ability to work at home is improving employee productivity and satisfaction levels. Work-life balance is essential for your teams to be happy, focused, and stay dedicated.

Those with mobility or other disability concerns have better access to work resources. Save on office infrastructure, space, and other costs by allowing more virtual collaboration and positions. Teams and individuals can access accurate, real-time data on inventory, orders, sales. Collaboration is possible with managers or sales reps who are away from the office, at a conference, or even in another country. You can also hire an innovation consultant to get a fresh perspective on how other technologies can make your business more efficient.

With all of these reasons and more, it’s easy to see why the cloud continues to dominate the way businesses operate. For more information and guidance look at this site.

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