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jQuery 2.0 is here, How to Migrate from your Current Version

jQuery 2.0 version has been released, this exceptional JavaScript library has been upgraded for more compactness and it become much lighter due to IE6, 7 and 8 legacy removal.

One of the most loved library for web designers is jQuery and its been a great companion too. With HTML and CSS, jQuery is one of most important aspect in web development now a days. With removal of legacy IE6, 7 and 8 which made jQuery even more faster and smaller. IE6, 7 and 8 is still getting support from previous versions of jQuery. With some great new additions, we can say this version has lot to offer and developers gonna love it.

With 12% reduction in size with comparison of version 1.9.1, which came because of IE support that has been eliminated, now the oldest browser which 2.0 version support is Android / Webkit 2.x, which will be eliminated sooner or later. All the changes are also mentioned here at jQuery blog and a list of all the commits can be found here at Gtihub.

So now you know what has happened to jQuery, you must be willing to use it now, here how we can do it.

How to use jQuery 2.0 & Migrate From Older version

Here we will be looking at a special jQuery plug-in made to migrate from older version.

With this jQuery Migrate plug-in for ‘transitional upgrade path’, we wil be changing over the versions. There are 2 plug-ins, one for uncompressed version which includes console log output and a smaller compressed version which doesn’t generate any log output to see if a specific deprecated or removed feature is being used.

To check out the full knowhow of what this plug-ins can do, you can hop onto jQuery Migrate.

github - jquery migrate


To move on the latest version, the first thing you should know is which version you are currently using. For people using 1.9 version  the transition is simple and straight. Version 1.9 is API-compatible with 2.0, but for people using older than 1.9 there are few steps which needs to be followed.

To assit with upgrade jQuery has made an entire detailed documentation in the form of jQuery Core 1.9 Upgrade Guide and can be found here. It has all the changes and a close look on all elements that can affect behaviour and break the code.

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