50 Best jQuery Calendar Plugins for Web Designers

Adding a jQuery calendar is a simple task, but you need to find one for as per requirement is a tight ask, here are some of best jQuery Calendar plugins that can make your user interface more beautiful and attractive.

We have selected every item in this list from many traditional plugin lists available on the internet, and I am sure you will love the options that are provided. Apart from calendar feature, you will also find different type of date pickers. Enjoy

The Best jQuery Calendar plugins

1. Even Touch Calendar

Even Touch Calendar

2. Date Picker

Date Picker

3. Booking Calendar PRO

Booking Calendar PRO

4. Date Range Picker

Date Range Picker

5. jQuery jToday Plugin

jQuery jToday Plugin

6. Create astonishing iCal-like calendars with jQuery

Create astonishing iCal-like calendars with jQuery

7. Jquery Week Calendar

Jquery Week Calendar

8. Bootstrap Date Picker

Bootstrap DatePicker

9. JQuery Frontier Calendar

JQuery Frontier Calendar

10. Date Picker – jQuery Plugin

Date Picker – jQuery Plugin

11. Time Picker jQuery Plugin – jQuery Calendar plugins

Time Picker jQuery Plugin

12. Timeline calendar

Timeline calendar

13. Magi Calender

Magic Calender

14. Gl Date Picker

Gl Date Picker

15. Event Calendar

Event Calendar

16. Multi Dates Picker

Multi Dates Picker

17. Calendar Lite jQuery Plugin

Calendar Lite jQuery Plugin

18. Blue Shoes JS Date Picker Component

Blue Shoes JS Date Picker Component

19. Calendar – Date Picker – Date Field

Calendar – Date Picker – Date Field

20. jQuery UI Date Picker

jQuery UI Date Picker

21. V Calendar

V Calendar

22. O Calendar – jQuery Event Calendar

O Calendar - jQuery Event Calendar

23. jQuery Week Calendar Plugin

jQuery Week Calendar Plugin

24. Calendar – A Javascript class for Mootools

Calendar – A Javascript class for Mootools

25. DZS jQuery Mini Events Calendar

DZS jQuery Mini Events Calendar

26. Zebra Date Picker

Zebra Date Picker

27. Wd Calendar – JQuery based Google calendar clone

Wd Calendar – JQuery based Google calendar clone

28. jQuery.minical


29. jQuery Monthly Ical Plugin

jQuery Monthly Ical Plugin

30. jQuery Calendar Widget Plugin

jQuery Calendar Widget Plugin

31. Simple Events Calendar JS

Simple Events Calendar JS

32. Pt Time Select

Pt Time Select

33. Multi day Calendar Date picker JQuery Plug-in

Multi day Calendar Date picker JQuery Plug-in

34. jQuery Mobile Date Box

jQuery Mobile Date Box

35. jQuery XML – Calendar Plugin

jQuery XML - Calendar Plugin

36. JavaScript Calendar Component

JavaScript Calendar Component

37. jQuery.Calendar Picker

jQuery.Calendar Picker

38. Timeline XML

Timeline XML

39. Awesome Date – Picker Mootools

Awesome Date - Picker Mootools

40. jQuery Clock Pick Plugin – A Time Picker

jQuery Clock Pick Plugin - A Time Picker

41. Simple Calendar Widget

Simple Calendar Widget

42. Unobtrusive Date – Picker Widget Update

Unobtrusive Date - Picker Widget Update

43. Timeframe


44. Teamup Calendar

Teamup Calendar

45. jQuery Date Input Plugin

jQuery Date Input Plugin

46. Calendar System

Calendar System

47. Cute Time

Cute Time

48. Clock Pick

Clock Pick

49. Full Calendar

Full Calendar

50. Pickadate.js


For those accessing jQuery via public WiFi hotspots, remember to use a VPN to prevent hacking.

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