Latest Web Design Software for September 2012

The latest new web design tools makers this time gave us a simpler way of designing web page by abstracting the complex structures and simplified code. Using these tools is just like eating cheese..

With Google playing in with more HTML stuff, AngularJS is what I am looking at this time, apart from its free service it is building something incredible with it. Also the app script done by them is far better option then many others already in the market. Let us know which one do you like the most and which will you recommend for web designers.


Google AngularJS 1.0.1

Web:- | Price:- Free | System:- HTML/JS

AngularJS Is on JS framework, and we can say its like HTML on steroids, in a good way. Google is playing with some of the shortcomings of HTML as the platform of its software which can be concluded as the lack of adaptability and meaning in the names of the elements, the formless nature of HTTP and its constant need for circulating the data are some of the problems which Google considered on improving and leaving you free to amplify and customize. Google’s been very careful in doing so.

This system has a superb feature called MVC framework by which the two parts of an app is connected which helps you in designing, so you just need to bring up the models and controllers in your tags. It basically enables you to make a library of components, which is there in your apps where you can customize HTML tags.

These tags make your code simple and detach away the complex structures. It also works  with the apps Ajax as it handles state, and its designed to be testable. its beyond vanilla JavaScript and it does not require any special syntax. It also has various features like straight forward syntax with low dependency and augments HTML which makes it more friendly and easy to use. And this AngularJS makes HTML better for the consumer without putting any constraints on its user.

Its a worth inspecting if you are keen in amplifying HTML and making your gain more expressive and distinct.



Google Apps Script

Web:- | Price:- Free | System:- Web service

By developing the Scripts, the final piece of the Google Docs puzzle has been put on the right place. The arrival of Google Drive was the amazing news for the once who are using using Google Docs. It helps you to share and synchronize your work very easily, despite the fact that it has a stupendously  allows very less storage of only 5GB to finish your craving.

By combining the Google Apps scripting, the developers will be able to create a unique apps which can connect with the contents of an authorized drive, and then you can publish this to the Chrome Web Store.


You can use the script with very few complications. You can go to the Google Apps scripting environment by your Google Drive account or directly through You just need a Google account and knowledge of JavaScript, pretty relevant to grasp, then it would be really very smooth to work on this app. The main important component of this app is the GS file, which works as the heat of the app and combine all the components together. This acts as the main part of the app, as it join together the HTML stubs, data from docs and combine amiably with JavaScript. The teams which are working on Google Docs to co-ordinate their daily activities among them it will take no time for this framework to become famous.


The good use of this app is that the scripts run on the client side and not on the developer’s account, which makes it easier to notify as the changes made by the developer will be seen and used by the subscribers instantly. The scripts are independent and that’s why its more general as anyone can use it easily. Google has this as its keen idea of making the environment of the scripts in a feasible web app launcher.

As Google’s Docs are already in cloud, which makes the data held in their tables and cells become more user-friendly and to make more use of it. By the Google App Script, we can do a lot more than just share the access of the documents but also now we can turn it to a great experience. It includes a convoluted structure but also has a known syntax, levers the Docs and it makes it easier for the user to create an environment of its own to interact. The Google Apps Script has all the required tools you need  by using Google Docs to create a HTML/ CSS/ JS app.

It has a very convincing way for user to approach this app of producing apps as its based on the Google’s cloud service but the API’s included will still take for user to get use to it.



Web:- | Price:- $49 | System:- PHP/ MySQL

Pancake app is based on the productivity and its on the business side of being artistic. Pancake combine all the admin tasks, such as project management, billing, estimates, file delivery, together to a single tie. This tie up makes it easier for you to work on these admin tasks and deal with them very easily. Its not an accountancy application or a monthly service where you have to pay every month for the service to continue but it can track your balance sheet, and it only do this to help you to take care of your business. It works as a friend of your’s who also enjoy the boring side of things and helps by going to great heights to make them fun so that you will pay attention to it and get things done.

Serves Business with Sugar

So to have all the control over your data, you just have to upload Pancake to your server. It’s a nice, friendly app to work on and you will enjoy working on it rather than doing it the way you do on daily bases. It has a very straightforward method of installation as you will need an already created database and it’s all about that only. You just have to upload /pancake directory and then you just have to start following the instructions from the welcome page. The app will continue giving instructions for the rest of the app.

Strike to the basics

Pancake deals with the objects like invoices, projects, clients etc. The simpler way to start is to add the client’s details as once you did that, it’s going to be easy for you to add projects of that particular client, send them proposals and creating invoice for them could be done with a only a few clicks. This helps you saving a lot of time and also provide the client with aligned information and correct feedback.

As it happens with most of the people that they are always at the first to take the money but last in giving. And business man faces this problem every time, so this app will provide you a easy way to search the due payments, as it will deliver you the files contingent on payment of an invoice. You can also keep tabs on your own liquidity, which will help you in the running of your business. The dashboard of this app is very straight-forward, which depending on you may or may not make a easy seeing.

There is a very small concern with this system so it would be better if you could deal with the app with more alternating ways by facilitating flexible workflow rather than going for a specific approach. If we consider it all over, this app is very useful for making a grip on your invoicing, and also presenting yourself more professionally and up to date in front of your clients. The Pancake interface’s appreciable visual appearance and attractiveness helps a lot in the business and in getting absolute usable data. It has a great user interface and rapid billing facility with single payment. Pancake could work to be more flexible.

This app helps you in thinking of the operation side of your business which is simply awesome.



Web:- | Price:- Free trial, then $14 a month | System:- Web app

Cage app is basically for the help of the creative endeavor as it provides a focal point for approvals and discussions in a business. It helps in making and designing the project and interacting it with the client. In the Cage project, you can attached images on which you can write notes and make directions for quick understanding of it. There’s a facility to give clients a direct access so as to know there approvals or can do corrections which you also access as the system will show the changes to you, with a very smooth, direct and helpful interface.


Cage is well designed and very easy to use as it provides a focal point for managing the projects and keeping a track on it.



Web:- | Price:- Free | System:- PHP

The most difficult and tedious work is to create a filler content which have the aspects of providing both valid tests and can also do justification to your design artistically. This Dummy app covers both the sides and helps us making our tedious work simpler.

The size of Dummy app is about 30MB, but its due to the inbuilt library of a very good and creative quality of Common media which includes images, ads and text. These features are layered into your project  with enough haphazardness so as to make its content look valid. So you just need to include dummy.php and start working on the project.

Dummy provides the user with testing layouts and structures. Dummy does this so beautifully and you will certainly love it.


Create.js 1.0.0 alpha1

Web:- | Price:- Free | System:- JavaScript

You specially the content creators must have thought that it would be so nice if we would be able to edit the content directly in place and on the page itself. It would make your work so very easy. So here is a good news for you as the first step towards this goal is been taken by Create.js by introducing a new app which include RDF, a meta-data tags to give the editing tools a hold into the pages it combine with. This is not a ideal thing for Create.js to provide holds like: <div property=”content”> but the result which we get is much more in a natural access.

This makes the work of CMS- dependent developers very easy, as there’s no need for the client to know if there exists a back end.

If you want to install Create.js and work on it, then you need to plan for it ahead, but it would be worth the effort as this app is very useful.

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