Learn The Top 12 Websites To Go To For Video Gaming

Video gaming was once shunned as something that killed brain cells and wasted time. Now, it’s as mainstream a form of entertainment as anything else, as multiple generations that grew up on it continue playing as adults. In fact, technology guides reveal that the average gamer is in their 30s, and almost half are women, so early stereotypes of teenage boys no longer hold true. The escapism and adventures possible are a welcome respite from the stress of daily life, but video games also offer the potential for an increased sense of achievement, the development of critical thinking skills, and even better hand-eye coordination.

If you’d like to know the top 12 websites you should visit for video gaming, keep reading into the following paragraphs, starting with four websites where you can shop for both hardware, platforms, and specific titles.

1) Amazon: This e-commerce giant is a great place to find deals on video game systems and gaming computers. You can find them new, used, and refurbished. You can also find quite a few video game titles to play, as well as components and hardware.

2) eBay: This auction site is another internet powerhouse in terms of selection. Finding reputable sellers isn’t quite as common as on Amazon, as you might be dealing with individuals just selling off their personal possessions at times, whereas Amazon is more filled with professional sellers. Still, for the slight increase in risk, you might find better prices. You’re also likely to more easily find international titles if you’re into a niche the domestic market doesn’t really cater too. Collectibles are much easier to find too.

3) Gamestop: Love them or hate them, this video game store chain dominates the industry. You can get everything gaming here, from games of different genres to all gaming desk sizes there are. They have specials no one else does sometimes, and if you ever want to trade-in hardware and games for credit or sell them for instant cash, this is the place to go.

4) Newegg: This electronics retailer has quietly earned a loyal following over the years. Once a mecca for DIY PC gamers, this website has full systems, components, consoles, titles, and accessories galore.

Once you have a platform and a game or games to play, it’s helpful to learn how to play them. The following four websites can help you pick up useful skills, figure out how to get past difficult challenge, learn how to defeat the worst bosses, or just pick up fun facts. And one website in particular, aussyelo, will give you high level game accounts so you don’t have to wait and work your way up.

5) Reddit: This website has a subforum for nearly everything, and questionably so in many cases. Still, finding a subReddit for a game you love gives you instant access to fellow enthusiasts of a platform or title, letting you ask questions, get answers, and find information in relatively timely fashion.

6) YouTube: Sometimes, even the best written out directions aren’t easy to follow or comprehend. Whether you’re learning how to master grenades in PUBG or take down a dragon in Skyrim, seeing is believing and knowing. The right YouTube clip can open your eyes to what you’re missing in order to advance in your game.

7) Twitch: When you don’t have anything specific you want to learn, but would just like to absorb greatness from the best players, then this is the site to visit. Streaming is real in video gaming now, and some of the world’s greatest players do shows where you can see what they do that made them the best. You can even stream your own games to show off to friends, build a fanbase, get feedback, or just find some players to group together with for co-op or multiplayer.

8) Find A Fansite: Every game has fan sites dedicated to it, and some usually rise above the rest in terms of their popularity, fun, content, and usefulness. Finding the right one means you find a community focused on a title you love free of the constant advertising and hype that often come with official developer sites. The right enthusiast community will often stay vibrant long after a developer has moved on to other titles too, and you’ll learn things about the game the developer or publisher will never tell you.

Now that you’ve got games up and running, it’s time to make sure you keep them running! The last four video gaming websites you should know about help you do just that.

9) From changing your gamer-tag to account registration and payments to frequently asked questions, this website is very useful and sometimes necessary if you regularly rock an Xbox One or 360. If you haven’t done so already, it’s worth looking into a Gold account, where you can get free games every month. A new subscription service also gives you access to dozens of titles, including new releases, for a low monthly fee.

10) Sony gamers likewise use this site to find answers to issues, register their accounts, and handle the business of keeping their Playstations running well, be they 1, 2, 3, or 4.

11) While Sony and Microsoft dominate the console side of video gaming, Nintendo is still a player on the field. Some homes have only Nintendo consoles or platforms, although many gamers also like having one in addition to an Xbox or Playstation. Given how different many Nintendo products are from the increasingly interchangeable Playstation and Xbox consoles, it might mean more time at their website learning what you need to know.

12) Specific Manufacturer Or Developer Pages: If you’re a PC gamer, you might have a machine that can do things consoles can’t. However, you’ll also have to visit more websites to get patches, downloads, and updates from Rivalry. It could be necessary to form up a list of the primary websites for every software developer and hardware manufacturer your rig is currently using.

Now that you have read this article, you know the top 12 video gaming websites that you might have to visit, depending on your own particular tastes and interests. It’s a good idea to create a bookmark folder containing every link or URL that you find necessary so you can access the content you need quickly and get back to battle, sports, and adventure as soon as you can.

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