Why is rsgoldfast always the most highly rated store in the RuneScape market on TrustPilot a high user comments, and got the highest score in other review sites, provides excellent customer service and competitive price. On March 12, 2013, was set up/ focus on RuneScape, including runescape gold, accounts, items, powerleveling companies such as the founder of Rsgoldfast is pleased to announce that they are the most popular shops in the market for RuneScape.

As a company spokesman noted, rsgoldfast has helped reshape the entire RS market, which focuses on massively multiplayer online role-playing games. The MMO currency plays a significant role in all mmorpgs economies, which are supported by MMO gold sellers.

In order to meet the needs of gamers around the world, is committed to providing the best price for third-party gold sales websites and providing excellent customer satisfaction.

Also rsgoldfast’s efforts have certainly paid off – users have posted a lot of positive comments. For example, in a recent assessment by TrustPilot and FaceBook, users gave the company a high total score — the leading score for the entire gaming category.

Yuzhuwang, CMO of rsgoldfast, says the company’s “customer first” attitude has helped it become the most highly rated store in the MMO market.

“Rsgoldfast serves non-members and senior members and has a strong sense of responsibility for every customer,” said Wang, adding that they are also working hard to provide customers with MMO Gold at reasonable prices and quality services. “In the early stages of our company, we focused more on gaining an honest reputation than on money and profits.”

In addition, Wang noted that the customer service representatives of attach great importance to customers’ requirements and work very hard. As a bonus, because they are players themselves, they know exactly how it feels to be a player in an online search service. The multilingual support team provides services around the clock and can communicate via instant messaging, email, skype, social media and text messaging.

Another reason is that has such an excellent rating on TrustPilot, FaceBook and other review sites because the company has been looking for ways to improve. Every day, she works with her team to find ways to improve each customer’s shopping experience.

For example, no matter how the game changes transactions or payments, Mr. Wang said, rsgoldfast can quickly adapt to updates and find better ways to serve customers.

About Rsgoldfast was founded in 2006 to focus on RS gold, accounts, items, powerleveling services for Runescape games. Rsgoldfast, a well-known gaming gold and services store, is committed to providing excellent customer service and competitive prices. Following this principle, it received top ratings from TrustPilot,,,, and social media. For more information, please visit


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Final Words

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