Social Media Tools Every Content Creator Needs

Though everyone clearly understands the need for social media tools, do they fully know what they should be looking for? For instance, what’s the actual point of social media tools, and how can they help you create a competitive advantage using social media?

To the external world of using androids and other gadgets, designing posts for social media may appear easy. But, marketers and brands comprehend there’s a lot more to social media content creation and editing than satisfies the eye, especially in today’s social media panorama.

From picking the perfect image to describing your point of view to creating the ideal Twitter hashtag to composing a video for TikTok, here are some excellent content creation tools to assist you along the process.

List of Social Media Tools


Typeform is a client-friendly form, quiz, and survey builder that allows you to ask your audience questions in different formats, including image-based, multiple-choice, short answer, true or false, and more. Once you hold your quiz in place, you can distribute it across multiple social media networks in the compositions that work best for your viewers. In addition, ten questions and ten acknowledgments per month are free. Basic, Plus, and Business variants with additional characteristics are also available.


Anchor is one of the most prevalent platforms for creating, administering, and monetizing your podcast. All for open! It blends with all critical podcasting terminals and free social media platforms for audio. Its light distribution with Spotify – the great audio disruptor allows you to separate podcast performance through analytics through meeting insights. With the Anchor app, users can effortlessly create videos and audio recordings that are ideal for sharing on social media.


A social media tools menu wouldn’t be concluded without Canva. One of the most widespread tools for designing social media graphics, Canva permits users to generate high-quality images instantly using layouts, templates, and design components. The tool’s free version is pervasive, but those who want more can buy it for €11.99 per month (max. five people) or go with pro or enterprise pricing if it’s the most suitable fit for the business. It is free for education and non-profits. Search Canva’s great library of templates and choose to use them as-is or to customize for your needs. In addition, there is a section dedicated to social media graphics for an array of content formats across platforms.


Like Canva, Crello is a graphic design instrument that makes it effortless for certified social media marketers to design stunning graphics without configuration knowledge. Crello’s power over Canva extends more than 180 million photos, 30,000 free design templates, 32,000 videos, and 15,000 illustrations. You can also create as a team by inviting members (up to 10 max), animate the designs, and pick from a music library. Like Canva, various image types are allowed, including templates, particularly for social media. Crello is open for users with restricted usage, and the pro plan commences at $9.99 per month.


CapCut is a free all-in-one editing app for Android and iOS developed by the originators of TikTok, ByteDance. What presents it popular is the comfort of use and the widespread music library. Like TikTok, the app has high-level filters, fonts, stickers, and various magical effects.


A mechanism like PowToon implies you must not be a video master at building engaging videos, mainly for presentation & proposals. The platform provides you to choose from different templates and customize them according to your company. You can plug and play your content and distribute it across your social media networks. Free and paid variants are available from $19 to $99 per month. is an open tool having paid add-on features that enables you to hunt for hashtags. Once you’ve explored a hashtag, you can determine its popularity and how it’s used. The tool is easy to use: in the search box, type in a hashtag you are curious about, and search for its performance and related hashtags on Twitter and Instagram. You’ll also notice the top influencers for that hashtag, as well as new tweets using that hashtag and other demographics. In addition, paid users can sign up for alerts on particular hashtags, track influencers and usage patterns, and more.


Animoto is another excellent video platform that enables non-experts to design captivating multimedia. Animoto empowers you to convert existing video clips and images into video slideshows with small enterprises. Animoto does allow a free variant if you don’t mind possessing their branding on the videos.


One more major video tool in this listing is PlaceIt. This image and video tool provide labels to showcase their goods and digital designs in natural web/video backgrounds. In addition, it can store hundreds or even thousands of bucks on externally sourced output videos and images.


Grammarly is a spellcheck and grammar tool. It encourages users to compose error-free copies on Gmail, Twitter, Linked In, Facebook, and almost everywhere else on the web. Grammarly operates by adopting Artificial Intelligence (AI) to investigate your text for common and complex grammatical errors, including everything from subject-verb agreement to article application and modifier placement. It also works beyond regular checking to accommodate users with explanations and improve their writing skills. The plugin is free for personal users, with premium and business systems also possible.

Wrap Up

Content creators like you understand how stressful and time-consuming handling social media pages can be. But, regrettably, there’s a lot more to it than making some quick copywriting and ticking “Post.” Thankfully, floors, as mentioned above, can make any creator’s living a lot more manageable.

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