Tools to Check for Duplicate Content

Duplicate content can make you be penalized by Google by begetting your page rank dropped or getting your web page entirely removed from searches, beating the purpose of publishing content.

You probably recognize that your website should perpetually contain original content. However, if your website has duplicate content, it is an enormous mistake that can damage your ranking and status. Plagiarism, or giving someone else’s work off as your own without permission, both online and offline, is unacceptable.

Another instance you have to contemplate is that others may duplicate the content on your site and decide to adopt it without your consent. These unethical marketers may blatantly adapt the content you conceived on their websites without ever questioning or letting you know, and they may settle by outranking you in search engines.

How is Duplicate Content Defined?

Duplicate content is content that surfaces on more than one online spot, suggesting different websites. If you distribute your content in more than one place, you possess duplicate content. For example, if you mimic someone else’s content onto your website or publish yours on their site, that’s the equivalent or duplicate content.
Search engines can have trouble resolving which content is more relevant to a question in the search engine when content is too similar. The objective of search engines is to accommodate users with the best results possible while they search for an appropriate term. Therefore, Google and other search engines may wish to exclude duplicate content from their search engine inquiries.

Elements of Duplicate Content

In many instances, the application of duplicate content is not meant or intended to be malicious. Google leads to duplicate content as blocks of text that are alike or “appreciably similar” in or across domains. Models of non-malicious duplicate content incorporate store item designations and printer-only variants of web pages.

Predetermined duplication of content is another thing. When identical content is used on multiple regions to boost traffic or reshape search engine rankings, it can be frustrating to hunt for data and see the same content in various places. It is the purpose why search engines give their best to check this practice.

Using Google to review for Duplicate Content

One fast way to verify if a page may be deemed duplicate is by copying around ten words from the commencement of a sentence and then pasting it with quotes into Google. It is Google’s recommended way to review.

If you consider this for a page on your website, you expect to see only your webpage layout, ideally with no other arrangements.

If other websites expose your site, Google recommends that it holds the source as it shows first. If this isn’t your website, you may possess a duplicate content issue.

Replicate this process by examining a few random compact sentences from your webpage into a Search Engine.

Free Tools to Check for Duplicate Content

When you are composing your content, you may inadvertently make your content too related to already-published content. Therefore, it’s invariably an excellent approach to double-check everything you write using plagiarism checkers to ensure your content is observed as unique. Many of these tools are possible at no cost.

Here are some best free tools that can be employed to review duplicate content:

  • Copyscape: This tool can quickly check the content you have written against already published content in seconds. The comparison tool will highlight the range that shows up as duplicate, and it will let you know what percentage of your content matches already-published content.
  • Plagspotter: This tool can identify duplicate pages of content across the web. It’s an excellent tool for finding plagiarists who have stolen your content. It also allows you to monitor your URLs every week to identify duplicate content automatically.
  • Duplichecker: This tool quickly checks the originality of the content you plan to post on your website. Registered users can do up to 50 hunts per day.
  • Siteliner: This is a great tool to check your whole site once a month for duplicate content. It can also monitor for broken links and recognize pages that are most obvious to search engines.
  • Smallseotools: Many SEO tools are available, including a plagiarism checker that identifies fragments of identical content.

Premium Tools to Curb Plagiarism

Premium plagiarism checkers arrive with the ability to inhibit duplicate content employing advanced algorithms. They provide you the peace of mind of comprehending your work won’t be connected to someone who didn’t record it.

Premium plagiarism tools typically submit reports that can establish proof of originality. However, prospective implications that your product is not original can confront these statements saved in a PDF format.

  • Grammarly: Their premium tool offers both a plagiarism checker and a check for grammar, word choice, and sentence structure.
  • Plagium: Allows a free, fast search or a premium deep search.
  • Identifies actual events and paraphrased text.

The above tools can help you ensure you have not inadvertently made your content too similar to content that surfaces on someone else’s website.

The content on your site should be entirely original. The other reason to continually check for duplicate content is there are websites out there that intentionally steal content from someone else’s blog to use on their own. It is usually done by adopting automated software. If you are in the practice of auditing the content on your site, you may notice that some have been scrapped. How can you discover content scrapers? What should you do if you find out your content is published verbatim on someone else’s site?

Final Thoughts

People who go to search engines to gather information must find original and helpful content, which they should be responsible for seeing. Therefore, duplicate content should be shunned whenever possible. Instead, content should be well-written and unique so that readers can have the best online encounter possible.

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