What kind of videos can enhance your website?

Today more than ever, it’s important to attract and bring your website visitors back. Especially, if you are an online store, it’s critical for the success of your business. Let’s say you have launched a nice website, it’s user-friendly and provides valuable content. So what? What’s the point of your site if it does not get traffic. It’s the end of your online business.

Of course, you may research and find different ways to engage your customers and make them return your website. But, let’s admit, it’s time-consuming and you are not sure that the methods will work, first, you should experiment. On the other hand, if you look at the stats, you will see that the solution you are looking for is right under your nose.

The best way to bring back customers your website is a compelling video. Video drives a 157% increase in organic traffic from SERPs. You can see that videos not only will make your customers return but also will have a positive impact on your SEO strategy. Google loves video.

Videos are also a great way to stand out from a tough competition, as coming to your website and watching a valuable video that provides answers to your questions is what every customer dreams about. That’s why including a professionally made and compelling video in your homepage should be in the first place of your marketing to do list.

Using videos on your website homepage

It’s highly recommended to use videos, especially on your website homepage. The first thing that customers see in your page is your homepage so it’s crucial to have their attention. Make it as engaging and attractive as possible. Usually, businesses use a large background sized videos to change the atmosphere making the site more interactive and live. They use videos for different purposes one only wants to give a modern look at their website, another wants to tell about their product and services in more fun and engaging way than in the case of a static website and plain text. However, the video should last up to 2 minutes, as they get the most engagement.

Another important factor is that a homepage video can keep your website visitors longer which you surely know is great for SEO. Video on a landing page can increase conversions by 80% or more.

When creating a video for your website homepage, remember a few things:

Don’t spend too much money on a professional videoshoot

Imagine that you can create a professional video and spend a little amount of money on it. Isn’t it awesome? Well, it’s possible. All you need is a good online video maker. With a few clicks, your video is ready. Savings will never harm your business, choose a budget-friendly option.

1. Keep your video short

Remember that your video should be short but at the same time provide full information about your products and services, as it is on your homepage.

2. Tell a relevant story

To attract the attention of your website visitors, it’s important to provide them with whatever they have come to your website. This means that your video content should be related to your businesses. It should touch your potential customers’ main problems and offer a solution to them. Just a few benefits and a call to action is enough.

3. Put your video in the right place

This one is also essential to consider. No matter how good is your video, if you put it in the wrong place, it is sentenced to death. Putting the video on your homepage is the first step, but you should also display it “above the fold” so that it won’t be difficult for your visitors to find it. The video should be easy-noticeable, also include a big play button and a compelling call to action.

4. Using videos on other pages of your website

Videos are not only intended for your homepage, but they can also be used on other pages as well. It’s not a secret that YouTube is the second search engine. It’s essential to add videos on different pages of your website, so that could be visible on SERPs. Videos can increase the popularity of your web pages. Regardless of what purpose you’ll use your videos for, such as increasing pages videos, sharing knowledge, presenting your company, you are going to create a dynamic and interactive website for your visitors.

What kind of videos can you make for your website? 

1. Corporate video presentation:

For example, you can use a good corporate video on your about us page. Not only will it tell about your business but also will provide a personal touch to your video. Including your employees in your video, is another great idea for your website about us page video. Remember, that you can make it online without having to spend too much money on videos, as you will need a lot of them.

2. Explainer video:

You can make a remarkable explainer video that will share knowledge with your visitors. They won’t have to Google one more time to find answers about how your service or products work. You are already telling them in a visual way. It’s proved that now viewers are consuming video content faster than ever.

3. Whiteboard animations:

Another good idea of the video is whiteboard animations. With these videos, you can clearly explain what your blog is about by just telling the main idea of your blog post in a visual way. Of course, you will need to work on the content and create a catchy story to engage your customers so that it be informative and helpful.

4. Intros:

You can also consider including intros for each of part of your corporate video. Adding intros to your videos will give them a professional and unique look. This will ensure that people will recognize your brand when they see similar color or theme. This is also important if you want to hire new people. You will need to gain the trust of people so that they apply for your vacancies.

You can see that including videos on your website can only bring benefits to your business. First off, it will improve your search rankings which is the number one priority for every business today. If you answer yes one of these questions, then you need videos in your marketing campaign. Do you want to increase your website traffic, get higher rankings in SERPs and meanwhile gain the trust of your customers? Don’t waste time any longer, start making videos for your website.

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