What Is Programmatic Marketing?

The digital world offers an ocean of possibilities for the projected goals and the commercial market to be reached. New approaches are constantly developing how a marketer can use the advertising budget to engage new customers and it is still changing and evolving. In the ten-plus years since the birth of programmatic marketing, it has […]

How TikTok raged the Social Media Marketing in 2020?

TikTok is the fastest-growing social media marketing platforms that enable users to shoot and share instant short videos. TikTok hasn’t stopped growing since its launch. Smartly utilized music, editing, and filter features help TikTok users create videos that get millions of views and millions of followers. The top 10 followed accounts are hosted by social […]

User Experience – Key to Digital Marketing Success

It is all about user experience when it comes to digital marketing. But what does User Experience (UX) mean? Last time while using an app or a website, you probably don’t remember the experience of using it all that much. You likely remember the content or the functionality pretty well, but experience didn’t strike you […]