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In this current market scenario, it is important for every business to have an online presence. A website has become necessary for a business to create a platform to interact with current and prospective customers. It helps the business to market itself and generates leads. For a stable website, a reliable web hosting is required. It is quite crucial for achieving excellence in web development. For the success of a website, an attractive design and well-executed search engine optimization along with proper promotion is not enough. A dependable hosting from VPS Hosting Malaysia also plays a key role in a website’s success. A best web hosting service is the one which offers such hosting with great features at affordable price.

But before we discuss about the best hosting service provider that we are going to review, let’s first discuss what exactly is web hosting

Web hosting is essentially a service which provides an organization and an individual means to post a website or a web page on to the Internet. A web hosting service provider or web host is a business which offers technologies as well as services which are required for the website or a webpage to be viewed online. Websites are duly hosted or stored on particularly special computers called servers. You can know everything there is to know about servers, on

When a user wished to view a website, all he needs to do is type the website address or domain name intro his browser. His computer will then get connected to the website server, and webpages will be duly delivered to him through the browser.

In general, hosting companies need that users own their own domain in order to host their website. If a user doesn’t have a domain, then hosting companies can help the user in purchasing one.

A web hosting service is quite an important step when it comes to how your website is delivered to the customer. Therefore, it should never be considered a second priority. A good hosting always makes the website available round the clock, 24/7 to the customers.

But when it comes to choose a reliable hosting service, the process can be quite tedious. Therefore, we have decided to put forward one of the premium web hosting service for your consideration. We will discuss the front leader in web hosting industry, the Hostinger.

Our review is completely based on the information that we have taken from insights of experts along with real user experiences as well as our own experience with the service.

So, let’s begin with the review of best web hosting service we stumbled upon in recent times.

Characteristics and Features

First, let’s talk about the inherent characteristics of Hosting. It provides unlimited disk space and bandwidth to the user. It also offers free domain name as well as SSL which is included. It comes with dedicated 24/7 live support, all round the years. It offers SSD website hosting for better website speed. It also comes with an easy website builder along with a plethora of templates for you to choose from. It also provides an unlimited number of custom email addresses. It also offers Full PHP as well as MySQL database support. It comes with One-Click web script installer.

Hosting provides different hosting solutions under its services, such as domain registration to VPS hosting as well as shared hosting.

Its shared hosting is particularly designed by keeping in mind the requirements of intermediate website users who don’t want to invest most of their budget in hosting only. This service has its own cloud infrastructure which offers shared hosting at quite an affordable price.

When it comes to VPS hosting, it offers a suite of packages with each package having its own set of features.

When it comes to Domain, Hostinger is duly accredited with ICANN, which essentially means that the company doesn’t resell domain names from any other registrar. Different types of highly-rated domains can easily be purchased at Hostinger.


When it comes to hosting a small business or a personal blog or even a heavy e-commerce site, then there are various plans from Hostinger.

Now let’s discuss the pricing and plans offered by hosting. Hostinger offers three different plans for you to choose from.

The first plan is Single Web Hosting. It comes at a great price of $2.15 per month. It does have a survival plan which is quite basic and a cheaper web hosting option for 1 smaller project.

Its Premium plan offers almost unlimited web hosting for a different medium as well as growing sites. It is priced at $3.49 per month.

Its last plan is the Business plan. It is duly priced at $7.95. It is the best web hosting plan for most of the multiple stable websites as well as businesses. It comes with different advanced safety features.

These affordable plans make Hostinger the best web hosting service.

Now let’s look at the security provided by this hosting service.


With its great services as well as pricing, this website hosting service has all the quality which puts it in the category of security. This company offers free SSL certificates with its two plans, namely, Premium and Business web hosting plans.

This service also provides supporting security features like anti-malware protection along with Anti-DDoS protection as well as automated backups.

Moving on to another aspect of any website hosting service provider. There is no use of having a great website if it isn’t accessible to the users. Without a working website, your target customers can’t get access to your business website which eventually affects the reputation of your business as well.  So, it is quite important to choose a hosting plan which offers a constant as well as reliable uptime.

Here, Uptime claims to offer 99.9% uptime and makes sure that your website can easily load and function without any issue every hour of all days.

Our experience with Hostinger has been pleasant, and we never experienced any significant downtime with this service. This makes Hostinger, a best web hosting service. It is an affordable company which is quite impressive as well as useful.

Talking about resources of this hosting service we would like to point out some details. Except for its “single web hosting” plan, all other plans provide unlimited email account as well as bandwidth. It also offers unlimited disk space.

When it comes to the servers, this web hosting service has duly shifted over its server which utilizes SSD storage. These new-generation servers are more stable as well as 4 times faster when it comes to reading as well as writing the data.

Most of the hosting service often charge a higher price when it comes to SSD hosting, that’s why Hostinger is a great option as it offers SSD hosting at genuine pricing.

User Experience

When it comes to providing good user experience as well as user-friendliness, Hostinger certainly ranks among the best. As per its numerous customers, it is quite easy to use, even for the beginners. All of the plans come with an auto-installer in the control panel. This auto-installer can easily install all the popular applications such as WordPress, within few minutes. It also offers on-click app installations which allow the user to build professional websites without any hassle. It is quite easy to use its website builder which has great templates for the user to choose from. Using these templates, the user can customize his website as per his requirements.

Customer Support

When it comes to offering customer support, Hostinger proves its worth. It allows you to reach out to its customer support representative using live chat support as well as ticket/email support. Both of these services are duly available 24 hours, all seven days of the week.

However, this company doesn’t provide any phone support, but its above-mentioned supports are quite prompt. In case you have any technical or general query, you can certainly rely on them.

We used its Live Chat Support, and it only took few minutes to get hold of their representative. They are quite knowledgeable even when it comes to answering technical queries, and they have quite an impressive writing manners.

You are provided with Hostinger’s Customer Support using both Live Chat Support as well as ticket support directly through their official website.

Another key feature of this best web hosting service is that it offers a risk-free 30 days trial to the users for free of cost. In case you are not satisfied with the services then you can simply decide to cancel this service over the next 30 days. Just let them know about that you wish to cancel their service and they will provide you an instant refund without asking you any question.

Final Verdict

A good web hosting service is quite essential for the success of a website. Hostinger provides all the necessary features and tools to offer you a best possible solution. It provides you SSD storage and unlimited bandwidth with its top-level plans. It also offers you unlimited email accounts too. When it comes to uptime, it is almost perfect, and there is no significant downtime which you will experience while using this service. It comes with affordable plans which are quite cost-effective. It also offers you Live Chat Support as well as email support, around the clock, all days of the week, throughout the year. It comes with 30-day money back guarantees in case you are not satisfied with its service. All these features and added advantages make Hostinger, the best web hosting service. We certainly recommend this hosting service. If you decide to utilize this service, let us know your experience.

With this, we end our in-depth review of Hostinger. Don’t forget to mention your views and opinions about the review in the comment section below.

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