100 Beautiful Examples of Navigation Menus for Inspiration

Every site has few common elements that combine together to form a proper functional website. One of those important element is navigation menus. They contain links to the most important pages, categories, or articles of your website. With modern, responsive website designs menus systems have been concise and made with only icons, as the mobile […]

50 Beautiful Coffee Logos for a Cup of Inspiration

Coffee is commonly known for its benefits, like keeping you charged up and make your mornings tastier. It’s time to tell you how much I love to drink a cup of coffee every morning, all because of advantages it has. And for many reasons, you will find so much coffee shops around every place you […]

51 Of The Greatest Data Visualization Examples

Data presentation should be elegant, detailed and beautiful. There are different ways to show the data that can be a pie charts, tables, histograms, and bar graph. However, to send a clear and effective message to your readers, you just need more than just a simple table or histogram, etc.

30 HTML5 Canvas Examples that can Impress Most Clietns

HTML5 Canvas is one of most exciting features, added in latest web markup language. HTML5 can be highly customizable, with all the API’s working with unimaginable graphics and animations. And to add cherry on cake, the possibility of adding this element in normal webpage makes it more impressive.

Big Beautiful Backgrounds in Web Design

Our task of finding new in web design and inspiring you with it, takes many of our aspects, like in 2015 the modern web design that have big beautiful background images can do more wonders than any other website in general.