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Why Are Videos Important For SEO And How To Make Them

In recent times, videos have emerged as an effective marketing tool. Nowadays videos are not only being used for marketing purposes but are also being excessively used to derive SEO benefits for a website. 

Videos are a highly effective technique to improve engagement on your website and they produce more backlinks, resulting in an increase in your visibility on Google.  

In this article, we are going to explain why videos are important for SEO and how can you use these videos to get SEO benefits for your website.

Why are Videos Important for SEO:

One of the most effective strategies to improve the Google rankings of your website and pull more traffic to it is through video marketing. 

People enjoy watching videos because they are persuasive and entertaining simultaneously. Customers will find the material more consumable and understandable as videos deliver information in a reasonably engaging manner.

The period of time a person spends on your webpage may have a significant influence on how high your page ranks in search engine results. This is referred to as dwell time, which plays a key role in Google ranking criteria. Videos have the power to improve this factor.

People who visit these websites are primarily captivated by video content and prefer to watch them rather than read the material on a website. They tend to spend more time watching videos on-site which increases dwell time. 

Also, consistent use of such videos on your web pages makes your website popular among users which attracts more people to your website. Marketers largely make use of free online video editor to create impressive and attractive videos in order to gain attention towards their web pages.  

In addition to this when you embed a video on your webpage then it upsurges the number of linking domains almost up three times. These more backlinks aid your official website to expand and get a higher ranking on SERP. The more backlinks you have, the better your website will rank on Google. 

All this clearly shows that videos largely assist you in improving your website’s ranking on search engine results pages which in turn attracts a large audience to your official site making it available to be accessed by a large number of viewers present on the web. 

How To Make Videos To Get SEO Benefits:

Now that we have seen how important these videos are for SEO, let us now discuss how can we make videos for our websites that give us these SEO benefits discussed above.

  1. Make Your Videos Impressive:

If you want to obtain SEO benefits from your videos, then you need to create more audience-centered videos for your website.

For this, you must be able to know who your target audience is, and what they demand from you? Design your content in accordance with their needs. 

Use these online video editors to create professional-looking videos for your website. Add transitions and special effects to these videos to make them look more appealing to the audience. 

  1.  Stay Relevant to The Topic:

People don’t like it when they are watching a video on a certain topic and suddenly the content gets irrelevant. 

Make sure the entire video you make is all about the topic, and that you don’t go irrelevant, even for a few seconds. Going off the topic eventually leads to your viewer losing interest in that video.

  1. Keep Your Videos Short:

Where people are much intrigued by the video content, they get easily bored when watching a longer video. This is mainly because the attention span of many people tends to shrink as the video keeps moving forward. 

So it is better for you to create shorter videos for your website, to keep your viewers attentive to the content.

If for any reason, the video tends to be longer than usual, you may split it into parts using the split option provided by many online video editors. Then you may post that video on your website in parts.

  1. Include Keywords In Your Video:

In order to obtain SEO benefits from your videos, you need to frequently include keywords in your video and its description.

All you need to do is to find out the keywords which are currently ranking for the niche you picked. Make sure that these keywords are frequently used in the video’s title as well as the meta description of the video.

  1. Include a Call To Action:

Now that you have successfully grabbed the attention of your viewers, and made them watch videos on your website, it is time for you to include a call to action.

This call to action should clearly convey your intended message and it should state what you want your viewers to do. 

  1. Add an Exciting Thumbnail:

A thumbnail is a very first thing your viewer notice in your video. It is actually the cover image of your video.

Before hitting the play button, people will just see the thumbnail of your video, therefore it should be compelling enough to make them want to see the video.

Add enticing graphics, a lovely still from your video and an eye-catching title of the video and your thumbnail is ready. The online video editors provide you with a lot of features to create exciting thumbnails for your videos.

  1. Remain Consistent:

In order to use videos to derive SEO benefits, you need to keep posting videos to your websites more frequently. 

Consistency in posting videos to your website increases the likeliness of your website and keeps your audience engaged.

Make use of these online video editors to frequently create video content for your website and post them on a regular basis.


Videos have a significantly high impact on the rankings of a website. Therefore, those who desire to get high rankings on SERPs should frequently make use of these videos on their websites. These videos can prove to be highly crucial in the success of your website.

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