11 Best Free Online Fax Services

Looking for a fax service online? That is totally free. Yes, this list will help you explore more than ten free online fax services that will do the job. Let’s begin.

There is no need to purchase an expensive fax machine or tie up your phone line when you can fax online for no charge. Save having to run to the local store or copy center when you fax documents for free from home.

These services make it possible to send faxes in a variety of ways and all you need is an internet connection. Peruse this list of the eleven best free online fax services and test one out for yourself.

11 Best Services for Free Fax Online

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1. ScanR

free online fax

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Fax from anywhere when you scan your documents right into your cell phone and convert them into digital files. All you need to do is take a picture of the document that you want to fax, send it to one of the ScanR email addresses, and then it can be sent out as a fax. There is no charge for their basic service.

Got Free Fax


Got free fax is a service with extra options like sending faxes in a multi-format files, like .odt and .rtf. There’s a limit of 2 faxes a day and up to three pages included in those faxes. Visitors from US and Canada can enjoy these free fax services.

Another useful feature Got Free faxes is that it stores your faxes for five days. So, if you want to resend a fax you recently uploaded you do not have to re-upload it. With their premium account you have a encrypted connections for every single fax you send, that way your fax data remains secure.


free online fax

If you haven’t used PamFax before, you can start by sending some faxes for free from this service that is fully integrated with Skype. This highly secure site is a favorite because it supports many file formats other than just PDF or DOC files that most online fax services require.

3. MyFax

free online fax

Those faxing internationally will want to try the free fax promotion from MyFax. They allow users to send 100 free faxes per month and receive 200 for free. It is compatible with many types of files and integrates easily with Microsoft Office and Outlook.

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4. Pop fax

free online fax

Try PopFax for free when you sign up for a trial and fax right away from your computer. There is no software installation required and your documents can be kept in their system for thirty days. They also fax worldwide.

5. RingCentral Fax

free online fax

This site allows users to send 150 free faxes per month. You are able to receive faxes from any type of fax machine when you go through this service. It is PC and Mac compatible. A desktop call controller makes it easy to manage all of your faxes.

6. Nextiva Fax

free online fax

For those who plan on sending a high volume of faxes, NextivaFax offers 500 free faxes per month making it ideal for small business use. They offer many features making customization very easy too. If you happen to exceed the free fax limit, the cost for sending additional faxes is very low compared to other services.

7. TrustFax

free online fax

A fill-in-the-blank form makes sending faxes from this site quick and simple. A file cabinet will store your faxes and a fax tracker will keep you updated on the status of sent faxes. They offer 24/7 customer service should you need any assistance.

8. FaxFreedom

free online fax

This service is great for sending, receiving, printing, and archiving faxes. A unique feature of this service is that they offer 800 numbers and vanity numbers or you can even use your own 800 or 888 number when you send faxes through them.

9. Send2Fax

free online fax

With this service you can send documents as well as images via fax. It supports TIF, JPG, GIF, and PNG files for a simple way to send pictures. It is very user friendly and allows 100 free faxes per month.

10. FaxZero

free online fax

This service lets users send two free faxes per day. They make it very simple for the user with a short form that just requires the necessary information needed to send the fax. They will update you via email on the status of the fax and the turnaround time is very fast. Whether you are sending personal faxes or you are a small business, there are a number of online fax services available.

You may be looking for an efficient way to manage multiple incoming faxes or a way to personalize your outgoing faxes and these options are all available online. Take advantage of the promotions that online fax services offer and you can send and receive faxes for free to see just how simple it is.

This is a guest post by Tom Walker. He is a writer and designer working with a UK based specialist in Deskjet ink cartridges, toners, paper and other accessories. You can read his latest writing about technology and design on their blog, CreativeCloud.

57 Responses to 11 Best Free Online Fax Services

  1. Fax Zero was a WASTE OF TIME. I attempted to send a one page fax twice, and more than 4 hours later, never received a confirmation or a response from their support department. I would NOT use them.

    I signed up for MyFax, send my fax, received a confirmation in less than 3 minutes. All you have to do is cancel your subscription when you are done. FREE, FAST and CREDIBLE.

  2. Interesting that critical comments are not published on this site. Leads me to believe their are relationships in place.

    I did not have a favorable experience with Fax Zero. I DO recommend MyFax.

  3. Hi, I’ve read all of the above (including all the comments). I thought I’d share my requirements and maybe someone with similar needs can recommend a fax service.

    I will be faxing out between 350 and 400 faxes per month, and receiving approximately 100-200 per month. They don’t have to get there “super fast.” But within 10-15 minutes of the time I send to the time received will probably be required.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

  4. Or sorry…I forgot…I will need a separate fax number (does not have to be an 800 number), because I spend a lot of time on the phone with clients and don’t want to be interrupting phone conversations to send/receive faxes.

  5. hello everyone, I am also an online fax user, I use Popfax, and i am pretty happy with them, i never had problems with fax sending/receiving faxes, and the price is quite good. I recommend it.

  6. uFax is low cost, $4.99, but no free trial. They are the most reliable i have found though and the fastest. Real time status on sent faxes and can use from iphone app.

  7. I actually used FAXZERO and it was a pleasant experience. I got an email with a link to send the fax and then another confirmation email saying the fax was successfully sent.

  8. I am using Online Fax from Popfax: popfax.com, it is very safe, quick, and their price is quite affordable compare with the other online fax providers.

  9. I tried using efax for the free trial but they required a credit card number. Good thing about efax is they give you a dedicated number so you can receive FAXes too.

    I just tried FAX ZERO in order to send a small fax and it was super easy and quick, no credit card required. It only allows something like 10 pages of sending a FAX per month which is fine for me. No personal receiving fax number however. The cover sheet has an ad but enough room to allow typing TO, FROM, and a message. I did not see the copy of the fax that was sent, only got an email confirmation after I clicked on the URL that I got in my email when it was set up to send.

  10. if you are still using faxes for correspondence, you should get a time machin and take a trip to the present where they are obsolete.

    • Certain documents, such as medical records, are confidential. Email is not considered to be a safe way to transmit confidential documents. Facsimile is much safer, and therefore persists in common use today.

  11. I would like to recommend Popfax online fax, I have done an online research before I signed with them, and I found Popfax quite affordable, easy to use, quick and very reliable. Great value for money.

    • My experience with Popfax has been completely different. The site requires one to receive a text message with a code, which code is to be inserted in the proper field on the site. I tried this a year or so ago, and never received the code. I just tried again today, and still did not receive the code. To me, this service is worthless.

  12. Thanks Lesa! FaxORama is the best if you only need to send a few pages (up to 5 pages, twice a day) with no CC AND no ad on the front page. Excellent!

  13. What about those of us who run a business, but only send about 5 faxes a YEAR? I don;t want to go down to a Kinko’s just for that…but i also don’t feel it’s worth $80-$100 a year…anything out there for us? Seems unbelievable to me that if you only send 5 faxes a year you can;t find a way to do it for free…it’s 2014 after all.

  14. FAX ZERO was great, fast, easy and responded within 5 minutes….great service for any person who only faxes occasionally.

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