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How Employee Scheduling Software Makes Your Restaurant Run Smoother

You know that business is going well when the operation runs smoothly — you want your restaurant to glide along through the gauntlet of hazards that all restaurants face. From things like personnel problems, kitchen dangers, or bad social media reviews, there’s a lot that can go wrong.

Thankfully, there is new technology that is specifically designed to ease the processes behind the scenes that make restaurants work. Here is how employee scheduling software can make your restaurant run smoother today.

Excellent Schedules, Faster

An efficient business focuses its time where it counts, and if you get an employee scheduling app for your restaurant you’ll create schedules for your staff in 80% less time. This lets your staff concentrate at work where they’re most needed, usually in the kitchen or tableside with customers.

Creating a schedule can also be a frustrating task, and this software reduces the amount of time spent calling and texting colleagues by 70%. This smoothes out what can be a bumpy process, and also reduces labor costs by 1-3%. Margins are notoriously thin in the restaurant industry, and every bit is crucial.

Efficient Communications

Great communication technology is designed to connect people, meaningfully and quickly. Employee scheduling software permits chats with individual employees or groups, including custom groups of people assigned to specific departments or roles in the restaurant.

Recipients get a notification, preventing people from missing important communications and ensuring there’s as little time wasted between messages as possible. Your team will stay connected, effortlessly.

Show Your Employees You Value Their Time

Employee scheduling software is part automated, but staff members can easily, instantly and remotely submit leave requests to their manager. As soon as they know when they’re able or unable to work, they can open up the app on their phone and relay this information to their manager.

This makes it easier for your staff and your managers to keep their schedules organized. The restaurant will know it is always sufficiently staffed, and your employees will appreciate that their time outside work is respected by their place of employment. This helps foster loyalty, which is important in an industry with such notoriously high turnover.

Direct Employee Engagement

Employee scheduling software even lets staff provide meaningful feedback about shifts, helping them to feel empowered and listened to. It also enables managers to get a clearer picture of what’s truly going on at the ground-level.

Staff are able to leave feedback anonymously, so they can feel comfortable giving their full and true opinion without worrying about the possibility for retribution. Anonymity makes the feedback better, plus, listening to staff is another effective way to show them you care. This aspect of the software gives employees a voice when managers design or tweak their restaurant’s operations. When looking to make operational improvements, it’s always wise to rely on the eyes and ears on the restaurant’s front lines.

Competition from fellow restaurants and even food trucks with less overhead is only getting stiffer. Software that improves efficiency, streamlines communication, and lets employees feel respected and empowered is indeed a powerful tool — get employee scheduling software to keep your restaurant running smoothly today.

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