Digital Marketing Vs Digital Advertising: A Thin Distinction

Marketing is no more a choice in the digital age but a prerequisite for businesses leaving no stone unturned to efficiently and intensely take their message across to the clients. Marketing or Advertising, Well, aren’t they both identical? The answer is ‘No.’ There is a thin border of distinction between them.

Be a Digital Marketing Specialist: 10 Steps Guide

Serving in the digital marketing business is a fabulous adventure. A digital marketing specialist is a trained expert with a varied skillset, accountable for the online elevation of a website (company or products), utilising all feasible digital marketing channels. The person needs to possess a good knowledge of all Digital marketing disciplines and tools.

Digital Marketing as a Career in 2021

Determining a career track is a daunting process. You’re assumed to discover something you cherish with long-term stability and strengthening the lifestyle you desire to have. By now, you’ve presumably understood the hype – digital marketing professions are in substantial demand, and the digital skills passage is set to extend. The job market is flourishing […]

Measures for Improving Social Branding

Social branding has matured as matured the certification of digital marketing. From the most modest local businesses to outstanding internationally recognized brands, social branding is transpiring to strengthen brand awareness, stimulate and employ, implement a real-time channel for client service and, of course, trade. Although most marketers ascertain it is challenging to identify proven ROI […]

Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing: Which is Better?

The dispute between digital marketing vs traditional marketing is long-drawn and perpetual. It conclusively reaches down to which one suits the requirements of the organisation. While attempting to pick between digital marketing and traditional marketing, why not study both?

Steps Strengthening Your Digital Marketing Strategy

The digital marketing experience is constantly unfolding, and you have to accomplish your approach consistently. You’re getting stimulated by new drives, making last-minute adjustments, and supporting feedback from your clients that has you twitching each assignment, video, post and email. The result might be chaotic and hodgepodge circumstances. There is no choice but to have […]

What Does a Social Media Specialist Do?

Social Media Specialist is accountable for designing and distributing content on all social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. A Social Media Specialist helps develop a fan following, strengthen brand awareness, and ultimately boost sales. A Social Media Specialist may also superintend site metrics, interact with browsers, and be accountable for inventive design. A […]

What Is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing utilizes social media applications like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to boost the brand, connect with a target audience, improve traffic to the website, and boost transactions and revenue. It’s also an excellent way for brands to observe conversations and competition. Robust social media marketing demands that you build strong content on your […]

How Much Can Social Media Professionals Make?

Social Media Professional designs, projects, and supports social media content beyond all social media platforms to boost brand awareness, build a customer base, enhance customer engagement, and conclusively improve sales and company resources. A Social Media Specialist supervises strategy, community management, data interpretation, and copywriting while continuously monitoring site metrics to secure the social media […]

Global Skill Gap for Digital Marketing Professionals-2020

Digital Skill Gap: Today, we notice digital marketing graduates who barely have a prior understanding of the essential digital marketing skills most companies would require, such as SEO, Analytics and Online advertisement. Only 8% of general marketers accomplished entry-level digital marketing skills, with all others dropping short. In the UK, only 37% of those who […]