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Branding & PR – How Do They Differ and Why You Need Both

The business world is full of concepts that might seem completely alien to some, yet are important to the daily operations of any company. Among them, the terms branding and public relations stand out as especially vital if you want your enterprise to be successful. The issue is that these two might seem like the same thing for rising entrepreneurs. In reality, however, there are several key differences between branding and public relations.

First, the biggest difference lies in the goals those business practices have. Branding helps with your brand awareness, while PR is about managing professional relationships. In addition to that, public relations often involves crisis management. On the other hand, branding can help you create demand for your products or services. Finally, branding is usually employed first, with public relations placed in a supporting role.

Now, googling along the lines of “media relations Pennsylvania” and getting an agency to take care of both branding and public relations for you is always a viable option. Nevertheless, if you want to know what you will be investing in, read on! Below, you will find valuable information on why both public relations and branding can end up being a valuable addition to any business strategy!

Branding Builds Brand Awareness

One of the crucial goals for any company is to make sure that its brand has a strong presence on a wide range of platforms. It is particularly important for companies that are just starting up. After all, if you are not famous yet, how can you expect people to remember your business and choose you over your established competitors?

Luckily, branding is designed to help you deal with this problem. It can help you to build brand identity so that people know what your business is about, what it stands for, and why it is worth choosing. You can get that information across using brand symbols, such as logos, color schemes, and slogans, the development of which is an indispensable part of the process of building a recognizable brand that will stand out from the crowd.

PR Creates and Supports Professional Relationships

While branding is concerned with your image and how you present yourself to the public, public relations is more focused on your relationships with other people, including media, business partners, and stakeholders.

So, while branding might involve creating a strong brand image on social media platforms, public relations tends to deal with managing real-life interactions, such as interviews and press conferences. As a result, public relations is responsible for making sure that your business is portrayed in a positive light by the media. It can also help you to obtain funds from prospective investors, among other things.

PR Often Involves Crisis Management

One of the other major differences between branding and public relations lies in crisis management. Branding is generally concerned with creating the image of your brand, but when your reputation is at stake, you will need to work with public relations.

Crisis management is what public relations does best. It can help your business recover from difficult situations and maintain the image and the reputation that you have built for yourself. While it might seem useless, it can really make a difference and prevent you from ruining your reputation for years to come with just one small mistake. As such, a great public relations strategy should be seen as a key part of your business plan.

Branding Creates Initial Demand for Products and Services

When introducing a line of goods or services, branding is the key to creating the initial demand for it. Branding makes the said goods or services seem desirable. To give you an example, think  about Apple.

Everyone knows when an iPhone is going to come out and speculates about the future entries in the Apple product line, talking about it months before the model that has just been announced is commercially available. On top of that, Apple has millions of loyal customers who believe that anything the company releases is great and worth your money. It is the perfect example of branding done right!

Branding Comes First, PR Second

While branding and PR are both essential for the success of a business, it is important to remember that branding usually comes first. In short, it means that you need to establish what your brand is about and why it is worth purchasing from before you think about how to create a solid public relations strategy. Why? Focusing your efforts on public relations before you establish your brand can end up being a waste of money, as simply not enough people will be interested in your company to make a positive return on such an investment. So, you need to make sure that your brand has a strong presence before you attempt to start building professional relationships with the media and potential shareholders.

In Conclusion

As you can see, branding and public relations are two different things. While public relations are more focused on building a positive reputation for your business among shareholders and with the media, branding helps to make your business known to potential customers.

Now, public relations and branding might not be the same thing, but both are vital to the long-term success of your business. So, make sure to invest in them and treat them with as much care and dedication as possible. It is definitely going to pay off in the long run!

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