Get Absolute 100% on Google PageSpeed Insights

Scoring a perfect 100% on Google PageSpeed Insights is one of the major tasks for any website to become more popular and optimized. It comes to creating a conversion rate and search engine optimized website, the pace is essential. If you don’t hold a fast website, people will leave faster than you can speak “conversions.”

However, rushing up your website is no easy assignment. Your dilemma could be anything from code that’s written defectively to images or vital page elements. So first, let’s understand the reason behind the page speed.

Why Page Speed Matters

Page speed is a significant factor in establishing your website higher on Google’s search engine outcomes. If your website isn’t on level with the top 10 organic pages, you won’t settle on the first page. So, concentrating on page speed is eminent to have a successful company and a website that transforms. No wonder some people are relying on IT services like wordpress performance optimization because it can be a life-saver.

It has been investigated over eleven million search engine results pages (SERPs) on Google to figure out which circumstances were the most prevalent among sites listed in the top 10 results. It is discovered page speed and ranking don’t appear to be correlated. However, the average load time of a website on the first page is 1.65 seconds, decently fast.

IT companies

However, Google says page speed does matter. There was even an exclusive update about it. That connection is strengthened up and supported by Google’s new PageSpeed industry benchmarks. It implies that if your page needs 10 seconds to load, the likelihood of someone deserting your site before it even loads rises by more than 120 per cent! But of more than 5 million sites, the average website exercises 10.3 seconds to load completely on desktop and 27.3 seconds to get ready on mobile.

It means almost all of us are missing the mark when it comes to having a fast-performing website. Conversion rates for e-commerce sites average around in the one to two per cent span. However, page speed can improve conversion rates drastically. Getting your speed to below two seconds can boost traffic and revenue.

Thankfully, Google extends the PageSpeed Insights tool to ascertain what you need to fix. But, unfortunately, they don’t provide you with the best instructions on capturing your score to 100%. So here’s how to score a complete 100% on Google’s PageSpeed Insights.

4 Techniques to get a Perfect PageSpeed Insights Score

Seizing a perfect 100% on Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool is no easy job. It’s not going to work out overnight, either. You’ll have to do fantastic legwork and contribute some hours at the grindstone. But if you desire to save traffic, drive more conversions, and bring in more revenue, you need to do it. It may be tedious, but you need those conversions. You can’t be lethargic and gamble, leaving traffic and profit on the table. So here are the top four ways you can speed up your site and score a perfect 100% with Google.

Compress Your Images

The most significant cause of slow pages and low scores is large images. One of the top optimization techniques for setting image size is compression. You can preserve an average of 50 per cent or more on image size by using simple compression tools. You can compress tons of new images for your site in bulk. Then, you can upload them directly into the plugin. When you squeeze all of the existing photos on your site, you don’t have to worry about it every time you upload.

Use Browser Caching

Browser caching operates by “remembering” the previously-loaded resources so that it doesn’t ought to reload them upon every individual visit. While a website visitor moves to a new page on the site, all of your data, from logos to footers, won’t require to load again. According to some IT companies this will happen with a significant increase in speed when people arrive on your site. You need not be a coding specialist to do it. It can provide you with at least a 10x growth in overall site performance. On top of that, some tools even claim that their plugin will help you gain higher results on Google’s PageSpeed tools. It enables you to minify HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, delivering you up to 80 per cent bandwidth savings.

Minify the HTML

You can minimizing the extent your HTML coding takes up is added vital factor in getting a perfect score from Google. Minification means removing or fixing unnecessary or duplicated data without impacting how a browser will process the HTML. It involves setting code, formatting, removing unused code, and shortening code when possible.

Implement AMP

AMP is an acronym for Accelerated Mobile Pages. It’s a project implemented by Google to serve mobile pages load quicker. It operates by creating an open-source format that strips away tons of additional content, making your mobile pages load almost instantly. It furnishes users a more streamlined encounter on mobile without clunky pieces that don’t work well on mobile devices. If you browse the Internet on a mobile phone, you probably have clicked on an AMP-based article. They are often assigned to the “Top Stories” section of Google search results, and they load up immediately. They don’t have much formatting, which supports them load quickly and address the mobile user’s content. AMP can significantly improve conversions and mobile speed, providing you with a massive chance to score higher on Google’s PageSpeed Insights.

The bounce rate will become feebler when you get quicker with the site loading speed.

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