Digital Marketer: A Good Career Choice

Digital marketing is a promising career. There are quite several advantages to a career as a Digital Marketer. More firms are recognizing the value of spending in digital marketing, including digital marketing skills education.

In fact, according to a 2018 digital drifts study administered by Adobe and Econsultancy, top companies are employing significantly more digital marketing talents training and education.

This increased need and expanded investment translate into more opportunities and perks for Digital Marketers. It includes better job security and the ability to travel and work abroad or from home, better opportunities for advancement, and even higher pay. All thanks to their specialized skill set, Digital Marketers typically earn a significant premium on their salaries than their companions in more traditional marketing positions.

Is There a Demand for Digital Marketers?

Good digital Marketers like the ones you can find at Highstoke’s PMU marketing are massively in demand across all businesses. While marketing per se is a well-established discipline, there’s a pronounced skills gap in the digital realm. Year-over-year growth in the need for digital marketing specialists is high; a recent study has reported that 71 percent acknowledged hiring managers struggled to find marketing and creative experts skilled enough to fill their job opportunities.

That growing need for Digital Marketers is also displayed in the money firms are looking to invest in digital marketing. Seventy percent of companies now actively reinvest in content marketing—and 74 percent in social marketing—strongly over half describing content marketing as “very important” or “notably important” to their overall strategy. Over half of all firms also report investing in SEO updates for their website, and 64 percent of Marketers said their marketing resources increased for 2020.

Digital Marketer: A Good Career Choice

Digital roles in marketing are among the fastest-growing in the industry, with calls for social media jobs and skills developing at the most effective rate, according to data collected particularly for Marketing Week.

With the pandemic driving people to stay at home, customer behavior has evolved dramatically over the past 12 months. Brands have acknowledged by shifting focus and drift onto digital channels, which has had a considerable impact on the employment market.

According to the data on Good Career Choice from LinkedIn, there has been a widespread increase in search for marketers with social talents, with funded social media rising in direction by 116.4%.

Meanwhile, social media advertising has grown by 45.9%, proficiency in Instagram is up 28.4%, social media optimization has increased by 26.2%, and knowledge of LinkedIn is up 25.7%.

Skills in digital and data more regularly have been rising distinctly since the start of the pandemic, with eight of the prime ten most in-demand skills relating to more complex marketing expertise.

These include ad serving (84.6%), analytics (46.1%), and web content writing (30.3%). Marketers have also been upskilled in eCommerce. It has increased by 6.9% over the past year, with 13.3% of marketers now having this skill.
Given this focus on digital skills, mainly social, it follows that the top three fastest-rising jobs are all in social media, with social media coordinator increasing by 19%, community manager up 18.1%, and social media assistant up 16.5%.

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