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While researching as a WordPress beginner, you must have come across many WordPress hosting plans, you may also have come across Managed WordPress Hosting. If you take your time to compare between shared and Managed WordPress hosting plans, you will surely notice that the Managed WordPress Hosting plans are more expensive across all hosting providers offering both plans. Then you have to wonder why it so expensive, how is it different from shared hosting? Is it worth its cost? Even when you get satisfactory answers to these questions, where can you get the best WordPress Managed Hosting plan? Well, you just have to continue reading down below;

Why is Managed WordPress Hosting more Expensive than Shared WordPress Hosting?

First you have to understand the two terms “Managed” and “Shared” as related to web hosting. A shared hosting is a hosting option that allows multiple websites to share a single server resources, each website is allocated limited resources and each website doesn’t know which other websites it is sharing the server with like the Canadian Web Hosting. A managed hosting is the hosting option where a dedicated server and additional resource are leased to a client and the server and its resources are not shared with any other website. Now with the above explanation, you should understand that Managed Hosting is more expensive than Shared Hosting because it is dedicated to only a client.

How is WordPress Managed Hosting better than WordPress Shared Hosting?

The shared nature of Shared Hosting makes it slower because there are many clients utilizing the server resources at the same time, also, each client cannot utilize more than its allocated resources. Unlike Shared, the server on Managed WordPress Hosting is dedicated to only one client and the resources (such as storage space, bandwidth etc.) are usually unlimited, most or all technical aspects of maintaining WordPress is managed by the host. The technical aspects include daily backups, security, speed, website uptime, WordPress updates, scalability, etc. The idea behind Managed WordPress Hosting is to offer a comfortable plan where WordPress users can have more time to create content for their websites rather than spending more time to maintain it.

Is WordPress Managed Hosting worth its cost?

Yeah, calculating the price of free themes, plugins, security, technical service and many more, you are getting more than you are paying for.

Best WordPress Managed Hosting plan

If you search WordPress Managed Hosting on the internet, you are going to get hundreds if not thousands of results, you will find plans with attractive features that will make you want to click the purchasing button immediately, but oftentimes most of these features are just there for advertisement purpose, i.e. to entice you. A2 Hosting offers great hosting plans with amazing features; including WordPress Managed Hosting.

A2 Hosting WordPress Managed Hosting features

  • Turbo Optimized (Up To 20X Faster)
  • Free daily WordPress backups
  • Free JetPack Personal License
  • WP-CLI (command line interface for WordPress)
  • Site staging
  • Pre-installed WordPress script and plugins
  • Zero downtime and 24/7 support
  • Free updates and Patching

And of course, if Managed WordPress Hosting is not for you A2 offers a variety of services to accommodate everyone. With standard Shared Web Hosting, Fully Managed VPS Hosting and more rest assured you can find a suitable plan with them.

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