Know Your Customers better with these Seven Tips

We fill Know Your Customer KYC forms at our Bank, but what is the real purpose behind it.

January 16th is commemorated as the first Get to Know Your Customers Day of 2020. Actually it is an event which happens four times a year. It is believed to be celebrated on the third Thursday of every quarter. This celebration is a swift reminder for the global marketers for understanding the audience. It is an integral part of their ongoing success.

A company has to make efforts to know about the customers with a personal touch. Digital marketing efforts are has to become more customer oriented.

Reaching  out to the customers Is directly proportional to the brand credibility. Failing to act accordingly will quickly diminish the reputation and the audience. Experiences show that customers should be greeted with tailored and personalized messaging. The one-size-fits-all customer approach will not do today. This yester year approach may appear easier but obviously not up to the mark.

While creating content marketing campaigns or strategies for promotion of the brand, the strategists get easily carried away with elements of creation. This leads to the loss of vision in the process as they forget the required desires, needs and customer preference.

As we know customers are the pre-requisite of a good business. It is a tough job to get under the skin of a customer. It is the only way to inspire, engage, and connect with the customers. It makes the customer relation meaningful and valuable.

Let’s Get to Know your Customers with the following 7 Essential Ways

The power of understanding the audience is dependent on the ways the marketing team uses to get under the skin of the customers. These increase marketing success, too.

1. Get touch points for analytics

In the digital age with a scenario having a pool of data to swim in, consumers have insights into gold dust as they can look into the metrics of the brands to understand the depth of the business. It is now, for the marketing team to be meaningful and utilize data to get the maximum out of it.

Google Analytics as an is integral tool to extract value of demographic insights give an insight into customers’ preferences, habits and behaviors. Many social media analytics tools & data platforms help to get in-depth analytical insights for consumer touchpoint.

It nurtures profiles for improving marketing communications in terms of increasing exponents of insight-driven enlightenment.

2. Start a dialogue

The priceless ways to know the customer and their reviews on a brand or product is a conversation with them.

Meeting consumers on a personal basis enables us to understand and connect with them. Valuable replies to the questions are raw and organic food for the idea box of a brand or organization. It helps in improving brand experience significantly.

Try to engage with customers through surveys and polls to social platforms. Choose the one most comfortable to them to know them. The most powerful method to get meaningful consumer views, reviews, is thru user-generated content (UGC) in customers’ language. Visual UGC with authenticity are more influential than branded photos or videos.

User-generated content gives credibility and offers trust with a deeper insight into the mindsets of consumers. It is considered worth time and investment for the Gen Z population.

3. Personally responding to all the reviews.

Always responding to both positive as well as negative reviews and testimonials in a productive, timely fashion,  humanize the brand, showcase commitment to the brand experience. It offers even more conversational insights. Online reviews provide a direct impact on buying decisions of the customers.

4. Be a Host to a brand event

Get an experiential marketing tactics, It is a rewarding pursuit as the Millennial value experiences over brand possessions. Generation Z mostly lean more towards cool products and innovative gadgets. Their consumer philosophy is inclined towards brand experiences.

Try to create a tangible experience, physical or virtual. Build a platform essentially share brand value with customers with a personal approach. It enables the marketing team to understand audience segments beyond the digital metrics and statistics.

Placing customers at the centre of any campaign transforms a pressure-activated situation to a calm and user friendly experience to give more engagements. The enduring relevance of any event can be a testament to a powerful experience and connecting audiences.

5. Check discounts, deals, and incentives

The importance of personalization can be a tailored deal or a discount to the customers to inculcate brand loyalty to give marketing team an opportunity to get to know the consumer better. The majority of consumers only interact with personalized deals, offers, discounts or any kind of incentives.

6. Foster a loyalty scheme

Fostering a trust factor and building a long-term relationship with the customer can be achieved by creating a loyalty scheme to boost consumer retention rates. It can even open a continual portal of communication thru SMS or emails between the brand and the target audience.

Loyalty programs keep the customers engaged with particular brands. They even earn a great deal of success through innovative loyalty programs to help get priceless consumer insights in the process.

7. Host a ‘day in the life’ contest

Last but not least, provide user-generated content by actively appreciating customers to encourage trust and loyalty. To make customers more engaged and brand conscious across touch points, host a ‘day in the life’ contest for the customers. Well trodden, bold and baby steps help you stand out to gain plenty of social media attraction. Try to develop carefully-crafted hashtag. Choose a social media platform to host the competition. You may also provide customers with an incentive to share a day in their life. It will not only give brand awareness but also boost the process of understanding the customer insights. Give a try to the above mentioned customer satisfaction methods.

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