Reverse Engineering of SEO Strategy Ensure Success

When reverse engineering your competition, you want to ensure that you’re not duplicating anything protected by copyright laws. However, when it comes to the systems used to optimize and promote websites at, most of the time, you’re pretty safe from violating these laws.

The forte about SEO is it’s continually changing. Unfortunately, it is precisely what makes it challenging to master and perplexing to implement. But the genuine concern is not SEO itself. The real problem is how you’re attempting to approach it.

Rather than hovering SEO like a game, you have to understand all the rules to master. So why not approach the “game” by concentrating on the other players sooner than the game itself? 

No matter your niche even if it’s crypto, there are certainly a few competitors’ websites already delivering favorable results in your place. So as you’re designing and optimizing your website, why not investigate what these competitors are doing to achieve their results so that you can use a similar approach to ensure your conquest in the online marketplace? You can check this crypto seo guide | best tips for cryptocurrency seo.

You’ve probably heard the saying: “There’s no reason to reinvent the wheel,” and this saying applies when it comes to designing your strategy for marketing your business website.

Reverse Engineering

Simply put, reverse engineering is the act of analyzing an existing system, process, or structure (whether it be a marketing system or the construction of a website) and using the knowledge gained from that analysis to recreate a duplicate or similar system.

As you choose which of your competitors to analyze so that you can reverse engineer their approach, you want to select those who are winning. You can find such competitors by doing keyword searches for the terms your site is optimized for and seeing who ranks first.

You can also look at the competitors who are consistently spending advertising money on your keywords since these competitors are probably also making a consistent profit. Once you find a few good competitors, here are five things you can do to reverse engineer their approach and duplicate their success.

Reverse Engineer the SEO Strategy

Since “the SEO game” regulations are continually changing, it makes more reason to focus on the other players in your game instead. Furthermore, it is a highly productive way of designing your SEO strategy because the nature of SEO is additional for every single market. Suppose you’re in the “e-commerce women’s shoes” marketplace, for instance. In that case, the challenges & competition & overall situation are going to be much different than someone in the “indoor plants” marketplace. That’s inescapable.

You can fast reverse engineer your SEO strategy by looking at what your most prosperous competitors are doing, doing the same sorts of things, and doing it even better.

Identify Top Competitor Websites

To begin this process, you’ll first require to identify your top competitors. It is comfortable enough. You need a list of 5, 10, or 25 keyword expressions you’d like to rank #1 on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Then, either by employing tools or by manually searching yourself, find out who invariably ranks at the top for those target keyword phrases. You should recognize 3-5 competitors who invariably rank at the top of the search engines. For any objectives, three should be adequate.

Compare Code Optimization

Next, you’re heading to need to look at the overall structure of those three competitor websites compared to your website. You’ll require an analysis tool like to swift analyze your website and your competitors’ websites. Whatever instrument you use, secure to use the same tool to analyze all websites, including your own. This initial analysis report will provide you with an idea of where your website has holes & issues that need to be fixed. If you maintain the technical expertise, get to work setting these yourself. If not, employ someone who can do it for you. The reports will also give you an idea of where your opponents still have problems. Your goal is to optimize and “clean up” your website so you can defeat these competitions based on the analysis effects of the tool you’re employing.

Compare Content & Copywriting

Once you’ve removed the code optimization section, it’s time to begin analyzing content. It will be more subjective and need some degree of “marketplace literacy” to explore, but here are some broad guidelines. Begin by reviewing your competitors for content publishing. Landing pages will display at the top of search engine outcomes for target keyword phrase searches. In some circumstances, your competitors’ home pages will be top-ranked. But glance for these sub landing pages as well. You’ll require to take the announcement from this part of your analysis back to your website to resolve where you need to enhance & then do even better. For example, you’ll like to blog more often. You’ll want to create more muscular landing pages. You’ll enjoy creating a better homepage, and so on.

Compare Social Media

Next, you’ll require to look at the social media movement of your top 3 competitors. Which grids are they using? Where are they most engaged? Where do they appear to get the most engagement? Are they conveying blog posts and landing pages? Also, what type of social concentration is built-in on their website? Do they have Facebook-like key buttons or regulators, Twitter retweet buttons, Google Plus +1 buttons, etc.?

Wrap Up

The information will be advantageous in constructing your own social media campaign approach. Again, the plan is to reverse engineer your SEO strategy but enjoy doing a much better job. But, again, deciding how to make things better is always impressionistic. Still, the more of this cross-comparison you do, the better you’ll get at unraveling the good from the modest from the bad.

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