Taking Inspiration From Competitor’s Sites


As you create your own website, it’s always a good idea to check out the competitor sites and see what they are doing. What elements do you love about their site? We’ve all heard the saying, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery,” but it’s important (and good business practice) to use other sites as inspiration rather than copying or stealing certain features.

Here are some things to think about before you take inspiration from a competitor’s site and make it your own.

Try to Think Like the General Consumer

Have you found a competitor’s website and you’re totally in love with every aspect? Think carefully before you do a little harmless copycatting. Just because you love the site, it may not actually be appealing to the general consumer or your target audience. Be careful when creating:


Do you love the flowy or funky font on a competitor’s site? It looks cool and definitely stands out, but it may be too difficult or annoying for other customers to read. If your potential customer can’t read the content on your site, he or she won’t be buying or returning.


Use a simple font for the important stuff and the fun font to highlight less important text.


Choosing the right color scheme can actually help to increase sales and attract certain types of customers. Feel free to get inspired by the use of color on your competitor’s website but avoid trying to look like a copycat or make it too colorful. Too much use of color or the wrong combination can send potential customers clicking elsewhere.

Design and Layout:

 A creative design and layout can make for an adventure when navigating through a website, which may be fun for you, but other customers may give up before they get the information they want. Make a note of the layout features you like on a competitor’s site and read the eHost review to get help on making an interesting but easy to use layout and design.

Choose Your Images Wisely:

Your competitor may have some breathtaking images on their site. Unless your website business caters to a specific niche, avoid a lot of obscure and irrelevant images. A good way to choose the right images is to get a group of family and friends together and get feedback. What’s poignant to a general audience?

Create Your Own Statement or Logo

Some of the most of the popular websites are successful because there’s something that sticks out, like a logo or a statement. As a business, you need to be memorable, especially in such a competitive world. A logo or brand makes you who you are, and it’s okay to take inspiration from competitor’s but make it your own.

Brainstorm ideas and run them by a focus group. The more feedback, the better. Just because you love something (but don’t sacrifice your happiness), it doesn’t mean it will get overwhelming praise.

Be proud of your own ideas and take the best parts from a competitor’s site and make them even better.

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