50 Most Inspirational Twitter Backgrounds

Twitter as we all know is a terrific social network which has grown exponentially, it’s one of most used platform to market content, specially providing online services like web / graphic design, illustrations, SEO, online marketing and much more. Every tv, newspaper & other media houses have twitter profiles, it gives them regular connectivity with consumers. All that said, if you have a business, service or a topic which you like to get info about, or may be write on something, you need to make a twitter profile.

Making a profile to be creative and artistic on twitter needs a good background which reflects you and your business. Backgrounds on twitter are easy to change and easy to setup. Once you know what important details you need to share, and how can it be displayed can turn your profile into a marketing guerilla.

This article is made to showcase some of the most artistic and creative twitter backgrounds which has made twitter not a tool, but also an canvas that can be designed anyway you can think of.

1. @lboi



2. Farrhad



3. Go Media

Go Media


4. @knoxeo



5. Elite Styles

Elite Styles


6. Real Andrews

Real Andrews


7. @laquesefue



8. Emily Chen

Emily Chen


9. John Rawsterne

John Rawsterne


10. @binojxavier



11. Lee Maplesden

Lee Maplesden


12. Meg hunt

Meg hunt


13. @G_Obieta

@G_Obieta14. Anousone



15. Stephen Kelly

Stephen Kelly


16. @nickla



17. Vonster



18. Kristi Colvin

Kristi Colvin


19. @owentheowen



20. Scott Clark

Scott Clark


21 Kiam Dean Art

Kiam Dean Art


22. @pehaa



23. Rogie King

Rogie King





25. @pafford



26. James Ridlo

James Ridlo


27. Giographix



28. @designer_wall



29. Twestival Jozi

Twestival Jozi


30. Lou Page

Lou Page


31. @lisaworsham



32. Krftd



33. Paul Miser

Paul Miser


34. @DatabasePool



35. Jwhedon



36. Mail Chimp

Mail Chimp


37. @tamar



38. Andy Sowards

Andy Sowards


39. Brian Paulwicz

Brian Paulwicz


40. @melodynieves



41. Lea



42. EliteStyles



43. @garenaonline



44. Paul Boag

Paul Boag


45. Melissa Scroggins

Melissa Scroggins


46. @ciaobella50



47. Jason Later

Jason Later


48. Lorenzo Gabba

Lorenzo Gabba


49. @captivamktg



50. Tony Chester

Tony Chester

I hope you might have liked quite a few of these Twitter Backgrounds, link us with your profile on twitter that you may have made and can be included in this list of besties.

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